HK introduces eco-friendly bus

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 01 February, 2010, 12:00am

Kowloon Motor Bus is planning to spend HK$7 million on 250 new eco-friendly buses this year to reduce gas emissions and fuel consumption.

The bus company announced the plan to replace its old buses with greener models last week when it unveiled a new double-decker it would introduce next month.

The new model meets the Euro 5 emission standards - it releases at least 40 per cent less nitrogen oxide than most buses on the road.

The buses will be the first vehicles in Hong Kong to meet this standard.

KMB, the city's largest bus operator, has about 3,800 buses. About 1,500, or 40 per cent, meet the less green Euro 4 emission standards.

The new double-decker has an intelligent gearbox. It selects the best gear for the road environment. This also means it uses less fuel. It also saves electricity by using LED lighting, which lasts longer than the fluorescent tubes used on present bus models. LED tubes also contain no mercury.

KMB principal engineer Kane Shum Yuet-hung said the design allowed more efficient energy use. He said there would also be less waste emissions.

The new buses are 10.5 metres long and have only two axles, compared to the current 12-metre double-deckers with three axles.

They are also cheaper at about HK$2.5 million, compared to HK$3 million for three-axle buses. KMB will carry out trials this month. The new model will join Route 606, which runs between Choi Wan and Siu Sai Wan.