At the fire station

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 February, 2010, 12:00am

Lizzie is a fire safety officer at her local fire station. Her boss, the chief fire officer, has asked her to write a new set of fire safety rules in clear, simple English. What Lizzie writes will be published in a fire safety leaflet for the general public, so it must be easy to understand.

Key words

First of all, Lizzie writes down a few key words that she will use when she writes her fire safety advice. Do you know what her key words mean?

1 a fire extinguisher

a. a portable device containing chemicals that can be sprayed to put out a small fire

b. a decoration used at Christmas

2 a fire plan

a. knowing where to get advice about fire

b. knowing what to do if there is a fire

3 appliances

a. machines designed to do a specific task

b. people who work at a fire station

4 an emergency call

a. a phone call to spread some gossip

b. a phone call for help in a dangerous situation

5 a socket

a. a lamp that gives light for reading in bed

b. a device into which you put a plug or a light bulb to get power

6 an exit door

a. the way out of a building

b. a door made out of metal

7 fire doors

a. doors made out of glass

b. doors that prevent the spread of fire

8 a smoke alarm

a. a gadget that makes a loud noise if there is any smoke

b. the noise made by a fire engine as it rushes to deal with an emergency

Lizzie's list

Complete Lizzie's notes with a noun from the key words.

1 Make sure that ____________ are always kept closed.

2 Every family should have a ____________ so they know what to do if a fire occurs in their home.

3 Before going to bed, always check that _____________ such as heaters and cookers are switched off.

4 Fit ____________ in your house or flat.

5 Make sure everyone in your home knows how to make an ____________ if the need arises.

6 If you have ____________ in your apartment building, never leave them open.

7 At school or at your workplace, always make sure you know where the _____________ are located.

8 There should be a ____________ in your kitchen which can be used to put out a small fire.

Your smoke alarm

Lizzie is now writing a short paragraph about smoke alarms. Which verbs should she use?

The best place for you to (fix/dig) a smoke alarm is on the ceiling in the hallway of your apartment. Never (put/choose) an alarm in the bathroom or the kitchen. Each week, (read/check) that your smoke alarm (is working/is calling). To do this, (ignore/press) the button in the middle and the alarm will (explode/beep).

If this doesn't (happen/touch), (buy/replace) the batteries immediately. Smoke alarm batteries do not (cost/bring) much. With some alarms, you have to (fix/change) the batteries every year. So, (wait/remember). (Get/steal) yourself a smoke alarm. (Position/Leave) it in the right place and (hit/test) it frequently. A smoke alarm could (save/improve) your life.


January 26

Case open: 1. b, 2. b, 3. b, 4. b, 5. a, 6. b, 7. b, 8. b