If you had to move abroad, where would you live and why?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 February, 2010, 12:00am

Walter Mak Kiu-shun, 15, Ma On Shan St Joseph's Secondary School

Singapore would be an ideal choice. It is a clean place, both environmentally and politically. Its strict law enforcement guarantees safety and comfort. What's more, Singapore gives weight to education. Schools are particularly good at teaching languages. So if I studied there, I would be more competitive.

Amy Lau Yeung-yeung, 16, Diocesan Girls' School

Who wouldn't want to wake up with sunny weather? Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by the latest fashion and have Taylor Swift as your neighbour? I know I would. Los Angeles is at the crossroads of different cultures. It's old, it's new, it's exciting and it's really the city of dreams.

Emma Tsoi, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

I'd move to Australia. There is less air pollution there, so I would be healthier. Also, school life is very relaxing in Australia compared to Hong Kong. Australian students have plenty of time to enjoy sports and music, even during school days.

Jennifer Chan Quian-ying, 15, Marymont Secondary School

The Big Apple, aka New York City, because it embodies the pinnacle of culture and diversity. Pleasant surprises await at every corner I turn, as I bask in Upper East Side perfection, stroll along Madison Avenue, absorb the collegiate vibe on the lawn at Columbia University and clutch my Broadway tickets with glee as I munch on a sidewalk hot dog.

Dorothy Yim, 14, St Paul's Convent School

I'd move to Rome, the 'Eternal City', a centre of civilisation which dates back nearly 3,000 years. It's one of the world's most beautiful cities. It has ancient monuments like the Coliseum and the Arch of Constantine, magnificent churches and palaces. All these tell us about its history and past glory. It's a city that influences architecture, government, language and law.

Kelvin Yu Chun-yin, 12, Sing Yin Secondary School

I would live in Thailand because I don't like cold weather. I could swim and sunbathe on a beach every day, which would make me look much healthier. I could also save a lot of money as I would not need to buy any winter clothes and the cost of living is much lower.

Alex Ko, 15, Po Leung Kuk No 1 W.H. Cheung College

Aloha! I would move to Hawaii. First, I wouldn't be worried about adapting to a new life, because people there are filled with enthusiasm. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so I can escape from the stressful city life. Sun and beaches provide a good environment for relaxing after school. And don't forget that President Obama was also born in Hawaii!

Qurahtulain, 19, Hong Kong Baptist University

I would live in Switzerland. It has always been my dream to live there. Switzerland is a very beautiful place, from what I have seen in pictures. Unlike Hong Kong, it is very peaceful and quiet. I have always yearned to spend my life there with my family. Besides being quiet, it is also a very fun place.