Fast-food chain dusts off collection to recall days of McToy mania

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 February, 2010, 12:00am

It's been 35 years since Hong Kong first tasted the Big Mac and the Fillet-O-Fish. But for most local folk, McDonald's is more than a happy meal - there's the toys created for special promotions. The fast-food chain celebrated its anniversary with a media event yesterday at one of its oldest branches in the city, on Smithfield Road in Kennedy Town. The first McFranchise was in Causeway Bay but has long since disappeared. Yesterday, not only were staff wearing uniforms from the 1970s, but a large number of collectible gifts and toys were dusted off for display. Remember the huge queues during Snoopy toy mania in 1998?

As one McDonald's representative recalled: 'These toys were wrapped and sealed in those black plastic bags and they came randomly with the Happy Meals, so it was very hard to collect the entire set. A group of toy collectors would gather around the McDonald's store swapping toys. It was kind of a funny scene. We actually found one collector who had the entire collection, so we asked him to lend it to us to show the media today and he cautiously reminded us to take good care of the toys because he couldn't afford to lose any of them.'

Gee, we wonder if that collector is still single and living at home?