Gross floor areas

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 07 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 June, 2016, 5:26am

September 10, 2008 was a happy day for the staff of Mong Kok's Tatami Hampton Hotel. The Home Affairs Department lifted a suspension on the budget hotel's operating licence, giving it clearance to reopen for business following three months of legal wrangling. In June of that year, the Bank of East Asia had seized the property, evicting 100 guests, after a court ruled it was allowed to recover debts owed by the owner.

As the doors opened to the first post-suspension guests, manager Debbie Ling hoped the hotel's troubles were a thing of the past. 'We need to ... work out ways to attract customers,' she said. 'This has definitely had a negative effect on the hotel's image.'

Seventeen months on and the Tatami Hampton has suffered another blow, with the hotel listed by internet travel-advice website TripAdvisor as being among the top 10 dirtiest in Asia, based on the site's guest reviews.

Perhaps travellers should not expect much for a double-room rate of HK$413 in central Kowloon but someone with the screen name Striker9880, who was particularly disappointed with the bathroom facilities, said: 'Apart from location everything else was horrible about' the Tatami Hampton. MingWaiZoe from Denmark said: 'When I opened the door, I knew I [had] made a wrong decision because [the room was] too small and uncomfortable.'

Although Singapore's alostvagabond claims the Tatami Hampton is the 'WORST HOTEL I have ever stayed in', last year, the website's reviewers stumbled across five in Asia that were less desirable.

5) Centaur Hotel, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India According to rjogani from Mumbai, India, 'The Centaur has this entire old-hotel feel to it, not because it is a heritage building or something - it's just very poorly maintained.'

JohnKangarooValley says he slept in his clothes when he stayed, and kept his bag closed 'in case something crawled into it during the night'. He cautions would-be guests to 'take spray and a weapon'.

4) Mahkota Hotel Melaka, Malaysia Heizer87 from Singapore claims that in his hotel room, 'The shower curtains were yellowish, windows not cleaned and the tap water was dirty'. Furthermore, the unhappy guest writes, the room 'had a stench which was quite a turn off'.

Rumi55, also from Singapore, has similar complaints: 'Dirty carpets, rusty kitchen tops and we were told that the water has to be left running for 10 minutes to clear the yellow sediment away - and we had to do this each time we needed water.'

Another Singaporean, Kardinya, claims he/she could not even get to the water, yellow or otherwise, because the ceiling above the basin 'leaks like rain'.

3) Goldkist Beach Resort, Singapore Rumi55 doesn't appear to have much luck when choosing hotel accommodation. Having stayed in the Mahkota in April, he had the misfortune to book into the Goldkist Beach Resort last month. Again he was disappointed: 'It is very very very run down ... and the beds were filthy.'

Maggie_girl26 from Queensland, Australia, says she'd been expecting a no-frills establishment but was still shocked that, after staying for two nights, 'we were tired from lack of sleep and the [bed bug] bites I had gotten were causing me pain. These bites were like hard blisters and stayed with me for around two weeks and left scars.'

Thatswhatshesaid69 also discovered bugs in the light fittings while the daughter of Australian dianemh64 found some crawling through her hair after spending a night at the Goldkist.

2) Raj Residency, Chennai, India Phimosisboy claims to be a hotel inspector working for VisitBritain. He says of the generally filthy establishment: 'In the future, this hotel will most likely be demolished and a fine apartment block will go up; do not consider it a place to stay in the meantime.'

A previous visitor from Britain, heywoods1976, sums up the hotel's shortcomings in the hygiene department: 'Toilet didn't flush and was SO filthy; gross smell of moth balls; bed sheet didn't fit the bed; I could have written my name in the dirt on the sink.'

Stevemagneticisland says he arrived at the hotel while the police were trying to quell a fight in reception. 'All the [negative TripAdvisor] reviews submitted hardly do justice to this dump,' he says, describing the Raj as the Fawlty Towers of India.

India scores twice on TripAdvisor's 2010 Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in Asia list, being matched by only one other country, Thailand, which is home to what the website's users consider the filthiest place to rest your head on the continent:

1) Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand Twenty-one of the 24 people who have posted reviews of this hotel rate it as 'terrible', the worst of five choices. Loudspeaker100 from Bristol, Britain, says: 'We weren't excepting the Savoy but at 1,400 baht [HK$325] for the night we expected cleanliness'. He was to be disappointed: 'The rooms are grotty, basic and poorly maintained.'

Many posts complain about the buffets at this hotel - new food being piled on top of old at dinner and then being served again at breakfast - and ants. It was all too much for frankiefromings13 from Kent, Britain, who says she broke down in tears when checking out: 'I opened my backpack ... to find it completely infested with tiny ants. The little buggers ... were all in my clothes and make-up bag.'

S300bex most eloquently sums up the Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort (and perhaps the other hotels on this list): 'I don't think I can say any more than this is the worst place I have ever stayed in my entire life. Cockroaches ... smelly ... yuk! Never ever stay here unless ... well, no ... never ever stay here!!!'