At the fire station ... again

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 09 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 09 February, 2010, 12:00am

Lizzie, a fire safety officer, has been making notes for a safety leaflet her boss has asked her to write in clear, simple English.

Here are some of the almost-finished sentences and ideas she is going to include in the leaflet.

Fire safety in the home

Lizzie has listed nine dos and don'ts for this article. Can you complete each sentence and then sort them out into dos and don'ts?

1 Never walk away and do (something else/nothing) while you are cooking with oil in a (wok/bottle).

2 Keep (young/polite) children in another part of the flat when you are using a source of (water/heat) to cook.

3 Only put one (plug/cooker) into one (socket/device).

4 Do not (go out on to/go away from) the balcony if there is a fire.

5 Ask people not to (argue/smoke) in your flat.

6 Make sure (candles/presents) are always fixed into (boxes/holders).

7 Do not (advise/allow) young children near the (cooker/printer).

8 Always watch the (wine/oil) in the wok (after/when) you are cooking.

9 Do not use the (window/lift) if there is a fire.

Every night at bedtime

The final thing Lizzie prepares for her Fire Safety Leaflet is a check list of actions to take to make sure your flat is as fire-safe as it can be during the night. Look at this list of actions and put an X in the box for each one that you think Lizzie includes.

1 Make sure all portable heaters are turned off.

2 Check that there are no pets in the apartment.

3 Close all internal doors.

4 Check that the exit door is clear of obstructions.

5 Make sure all children under five are in bed.

6 Check that all cooking appliances are turned off.

7 Unplug all electrical appliances except fridges and freezers.

8 Turn off all clocks in the flat.

9 Do not leave the washer on during the night.

10 Make sure everyone in the flat knows where the keys to the outside door are kept.

Talking about fire

Part of Lizzie's duties as a fire safety officer is to visit companies and advise them on fire safety. Today, she is visiting a clothing factory in Jordan. Look at the questions she asks the person in charge of fire safety there and then supply this person's answers.

Lizzie: How long have you been in charge of fire safety for your company?

Mr X:

Lizzie: Have you got a copy of the company's fire safety policy that I can go through with you now?

Mr X:

Lizzie: How long has the present fire alarm system been installed?

Mr X:

Lizzie: Who has copies of your fire evacuation plan?

Mr X:

Lizzie: Where are the portable fire extinguishers situated?

Mr X:

Lizzie: Who is in charge of maintaining and servicing your fire extinguishers?

Mr X:

Lizzie: How many fire doors are there in the building?

Mr X:

Lizzie: Does the building have an escape-lighting system?

Mr X:

1 We had a new one fitted two years ago.

2 There are four in every workshop and one in each administration office.

3 Since I started here, five years ago.

4. We employ an outside firm to do that.

5 Every employee is given a copy when they begin working for us.

6 I counted them myself yesterday. 20. Each one is clearly marked.

7 No. That's something I want to discuss with you.

8 Yes, it's here in this folder.


February 2

Key words: 1. a, 2. b, 3. a, 4. b, 5. b, 6. a, 7. b, 8. a

Lizzie's list: 1. fire doors, 2. fire plan, 3. appliances, 4. a smoke alarm, 5. emergency call, 6. fire doors, 7. exit doors, 8. fire extinguisher

Your smoke alarm: fix, put, check, is working, press, beep, happen, replace, cost, change, remember, get, position, test, save


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At the fire station ... again

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