Firm seeks recruits for HK$1b project

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 20 February, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 20 February, 2010, 12:00am

Telecommunications firm Wharf T&T announced its latest investment project, +EN, which stands for +Enterprise Network. The company, the second largest business fixed-line operator, and the first comprehensive information and communications technology (ICT) service provider in Hong Kong, is seeking ways to take its business to the next level.

'This project is expected to increase our market share to 25 per cent in three to four years,' says Florence Cheung, the company's vice-president of human resources. To support its ambitious HK$1 billion project, the company is planning to recruit 100 new staff for various business units, such as sales and marketing, technical and professional services, business administration and engineering.

Although the company needs experienced engineers and technical experts to design and implement the territory-wide network infrastructure expansion project, and staff to deal with property and building management so the technology can be built directly into offices, it doesn't mean graduates have no chance of joining.

'We would also like to groom talent for the future,' Cheung says. 'This is a visionary recruitment plan.' Candidates need to be results driven, customer oriented, willing to work in a team, innovative and flexible. Cheung says that since the ICT industry is a fast-changing one, a good candidate must also be a self-motivated learner.

The company offers different training programmes for staff at different levels. New graduates will be assigned to the ICT Associate Programme, which is a 12-month career starter programme designed to develop the young professionals to make continuous contributions and to grow with the company. It includes management and people skills training, job rotation, mentoring and shadowing, business case competition, and some personalised training programmes that help candidates get international qualifications.

Other training programmes are the Leadership Development Programme, which is designed for managers, the High Potential Development Programmes for company executives, and the Professional Qualification Development Programme which helps each employee obtain the qualifications they need for the job.

'Our company is well established and we believe this brand name can attract a lot of talent,' Cheung says. She says one of the key features of the company culture is an emphasis on maintaining a work-life balance.

'On top of our five-day work policy, we have just launched some new employment terms for our staff, such as shortened working hours and family care leave,' she says. 'This is not only an attraction for future staff, but also for retention of our existing staff.'

The company has a performance driven culture.

'Last year, the average bonus given out was two months [pay]. Some outstanding performers even received bonuses of up to five extra months.'

Apart from bonuses, the company also offers competitive packages, incentives that include commission schemes, salary increases and promotions in which the adjustment for the salary for top performers this year is expected to be up to 20 per cent. Medical and life insurance are offered at the upper level of the company.

'I think the most special attraction of our company is that our customer base is made up of high-end business clients, who often require extremely high standards and have high expectations of our services, therefore our staff can obtain some valuable experiences when dealing with these clients,' Cheung says. 'They are less likely to get this kind of experience in smaller telecommunications firms.'

The typical career path for a technician is that they will start as a solution consultant, and will be promoted to senior consultant, then project manager and senior manager.

Administrative staff begin as a supervisor, and then get promoted to manager and then senior manager. Promotion is based on contribution, performance and potential. 'All of our staff undergo a performance review at least once a year,' Cheung says.

'A good performer will be recognised and reinforced through an incentive bonus scheme as well as a promotion.'

Expansive project

Wharf T&T is creating 100 new posts to support its +EN project

The project aims to provide one-stop IT-as-a-Service at a relatively low cost for business customers

The project will increase its market share for the business broadband segment to 25 per cent in three to four years

It is looking for professionals in the fields of sales and marketing, technical and professional services, business administration and engineering