PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 01 March, 2010, 12:00am

Learn to put aside regrets in life

It stings me every time I think about it. I'm speaking of regret.

I believe everyone has regrets; maybe you said something inappropriate at a dinner party which silenced everyone. Perhaps you didn't look after that bracelet your mother gave you and it ended up in some stranger's hands. Or worse, you didn't read that exam question properly and your results ran away like water.

Regrets are like a spider scurrying around my heart, tormenting me. Its duty is to remind us how embarrassing it was and how sorry you feel now.

There are some who hold on to regret so tightly that they may collapse one day. But why don't we just let it go? There are countless regrets in our life, but it is up to us how we treat them. Life is not simple, but it isn't that difficult not to make the same mistake again.

Jasmine Leung, Heep Yunn school

Seeing stars amid the bright lights

In Hong Kong nowadays, you can see lots of brightly shining lights.

In areas such as Mong Kok, bright, colourful neon almost symbolises the liveliness of the district.

Yet, something has been lost because of these lights - the stars.

In the past, the sky was full of stars, but today they are being drowned out by the city's lights.

I once went camping far from the city. I will never forget what I saw at night. The stars' beauty was visible despite the smog over Hong Kong.

I hope every citizen can have the chance to see the stars above. We shouldn't have to travel into the countryside to see them - we should switch off.

Tsao Wing-hei

Living with new technology

Electronic devices are getting smaller and cheaper by the day. Mobile phones are an important part of new technology and teen culture. Teachers see them everyday, hidden in back packs, under desks or on laps.

They are a reflection of a teenager's position in school. Type, brand and function are all important considerations.

Mobile phones can also affect relationships. The ability to contact anyone at the touch of a button or by sending a text message has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some types of messages may be sent with little thought of the consequences because the sending was done without face-to-face interaction.

While there are downsides, mobile phones do have their uses. Emergency calls, being contactable anywhere and the convenience of calling anyone anytime should not be ignored.

The benefits should outweigh the fears some parents may have in allowing their children to have mobiles.

Karissa Lam, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)

Express yourself and sing a song

A song is an amazing thing. If the words and music only existed independently, their attraction might not be so great. But words converted into lyrics and music into a melody can have a magical effect.

Lyrics can contain special messages and each listener can interpret a different meaning. We sometimes feel especially touched by a song because we have experienced similar situations.

If you can't find the words to express something, sing a song.

Daisy Chiu, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Sympathy for an abandoned man

I write in reference to the article 'Abandoned man finds refuge at home for aged', about the old man who was left in Guangzhou by his son.

I feel sorry for this man because he was stripped of his money and travel documents. What is even sadder is that, because he suffers from cataracts, he tripped and broke both legs.

I hope his children feel guilty and take better care of him.

Ng Ching-chun, Concordia Lutheran School