What kind of event would you plan to bring two hostile countries together?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 March, 2010, 12:00am

Kelvin Yu Chun-yin, 12, Sing Yin Secondary School

I don't think any countries actually want to have enemies. They want to have friends. But there can be misunderstandings between two countries.

I would plan symposiums in both countries so they could send representatives to get to know the other side better. This would prove both of them wanted to become friends and help them overcome their weaknesses. Such an event would force the countries to accept each other and form a new friendship.

Amy Lau Yeung-yeung, 16, Diocesan Girls' School

A pop concert would be a great choice. Music has no boundaries, and everyone can connect to it. During the concert, people could dance, and express their feelings through lyrics and melodies.

The leaders of the two countries could use the opportunity to learn more about each other's culture, and solve their conflict through negotiations and compromise. This would definitely help solve the problem.

Alex Ko, 15, Po Leung Kuk No 1 W. H. Cheung College

One way of bringing two hostile countries together is through collaboration. But the first step is getting them to agree on a common goal. When natural disasters strike, nations come together, so this is an option. But they come at a huge cost.

So I think music is the key. The world of music makes no distinction between nationalities. They could perform a concert in each country, so the audience would praise the musicians from both nations. Each side would be showing admiration of its enemy and hence improving ties.

Qurahtulain, 19, Youth College

When we talk about bringing two hostile countries together, we think of signing a peace treaty or sitting down for talks. What I would do is to ask them to have a meal together.

You might think that these things have been done already with no positive outcome. But the difference is that this time, the people sitting down for a meal would not be the presidents or high-ranking officials, but the citizens themselves.

The citizens of the countries know better than anyone else what the root of the problem is because they go through it and are the most affected by it. So why not let them settle the problem themselves?

Walter Mak Kiu-shun, 15, Ma On Shan St Joseph's Secondary School

Music would undoubtedly bring harmony to two hostile countries. I suggest singers from both countries collaborate on a piece of music that delivers a message of world peace. Singers can always efficiently convey a positive message to the citizens of even warring nations because of their popularity.

When singers from the two countries stood on the same stage and sang together, they would be demonstrating understanding for each other's cultural and racial diversities. They could be role models for people from both countries.

There's an old saying: 'Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war'. If people were positively affected by the songs and the singers, it is likely the two countries would end their hostilities and develop a good relationship.