Lomotto FDC01

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 March, 2010, 12:00am

The Lomotto FDC01, made by a company called Fun Nature aims for simplicity on a new level.

Looking more like a box of matches than a camera, the Lomotto doesn't come with a viewfinder. There is only a monotone display, like those of old calculators, to show basic information. What it does do is take photos and videos at a snap.

The rectangular box features only an opening for the lens, and buttons for 'shutter' and 'power'. There is also a switch for focus with only two options: 'macro' (15cm to 50cm) or infinity (1m to infinity). It is available in blue and red.

It is as simple as aiming at something and pressing a button. But you'll have to guess at what you're taking and wait until you get to a computer to see a picture.

The sensor inside the Lomotto offers good resolution of 1.92 megapixels. It offers a maximum resolution of 1280x1200 for photos and 320x240 at 8 frames per second for video.

There are four different modes for photos and video. They are standard, monochrome, noise and vivid. So you can get different effects on your shots. Everything else is automatic. You just point and shoot.

There's 64MB of memory and support for memory cards of up to 2GB. The Lomotto costs HK$350, so have fun.

Pros: ultra small, true point-and-shoot camera

Cons: no display, no review of photos