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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 March, 2010, 12:00am

March 29

Sustainability Workshop

Part A How do we build sustainability into the global apparel supply chain? What roles and actions should buyers/brands play?

Part B Ways to help us drive costs out of the supply chain is a topical matter amid the economic crisis.

Technology Workshop

How can management skills combine with technology to enable lower spending for greater achievements along the supply chain?

March 30

Keynote session

Cultural Understanding of China in Rapid Transformation - Beyond Luxury Consumption by Andrew Y. Wu, LVMH Group director, China

Session 1 Worldwide Demand

Has the economy truly recovered and when will consumers be back?

Session 2 Trade Policies

The recession triggered new protectionism measures in many countries. What are the reactions to these policies and how will they impact the global apparel industry?

Session 3 Retailing

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for retail?

Session 4 Innovation

Does innovation need to be an invention? How can we innovate in a cost-effective way?

March 31

Special Address

Global Sourcing after the Crisis - Lessons Learned; is China still the No. 1 sourcing country? by Professor Helmut Merkel, managing shareholder, EurAsia Global Concept and Hans-Werner Scherer, CEO, the EOS Group

Session 5 Global Sourcing Strategy

Since 2005, which countries have been the winners and which the losers?

Session 6 Sustainable Sourcing

Is sustainability a trend or are people really serious about it? How can we put ideas into action?

Session 7 Design and Product

The fast-fashion sector advocates lean operations at low cost. Does this mean more orders, but smaller quantities?

Session 8 Debate

This House believes that countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka will soon displace China as a desirable region for sourcing textiles.