Executives can enjoy first-class benefits

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 March, 2010, 12:00am

For executives in a hurry - but want first-class treatment - Superior Travellers Services (STS) offers a fast-track service which also cuts waiting times at immigration counters and taxi queues.

The company's business development manager, Olivia Sze, says the China Fast-Track service aims to provide first-class travel benefits for busy executives arriving on the mainland.

She says the firm is striving to raise the professional service standards for business and leisure travel.

'Five-star travel can also be enjoyed during airport transits. China Fast Track offers the privileged few a custom-designed product dedicated to meeting the needs of their busy lifestyle,' Sze says.

Under this service, a business executive is picked up from the airport and helped to clear customs, a service available in selected major airports on the mainland.

At present there are 12 airports on the mainland that the firm has a tie-up with, and more airports will soon follow, Sze says.

The firm is a wholly-owned unit of King Fook Holdings Limited - a company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 1978. The firm is working closely with the Beijing Capital International Airport's (BCIA) to provide this service. BCIA is a pioneer in the field, being the first to commercialise its distinctive VIP airport service on the mainland.

The firm aims to perfect travel-service quality to meet the increasing expectations of visitors.

'We work with a number of companies that cut across various sectors like shipping, banks, hotels and even chambers of commerce,' Sze says. 'Any company which has a Hong Kong and China office is our target and we aim to tie-up with them.'

Apart from corporate business, Sze says business executives use the service when going on holiday with their families. 'They want to avoid any hassle of arranging transport and check-ins, and airport transfers. We do every arrangement for them.'

The concept has become popular with busy executives in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia and, encouraged by the response, STS is offering the service in Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei.

The firm is also working with banks, hotels and chambers of commerce to offer points to their members, that can then be redeemed for STS service.

Sze says a number of competitors have cropped up since the service was introduced in the third quarter of 2003, but she adds that the firm has always been a step ahead of the competition.