PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 25 March, 2010, 12:00am

Free internet key to progress

As the Berlin Wall fell, it symbolised the end of the cold war. But it is unlikely the mainland will get rid of its Great Firewall, which blocks access to sensitive websites, any time soon.

I don't think internet censorship will help the country's development. The central government should allow the free flow of information to help people stay in touch with the world and develop their skills.

Every country needs a free internet. The Great Firewall is limiting the mainlanders' knowledge and preventing them from achieving their full potential.

The internet can be used for education, business, and communication and to spread news. Controlling it is not a sensible strategy.

Maybe Beijing can learn from the freedom enjoyed by Westerners. The role of the government is not to be a monitor; it should be a teacher and show the citizens how to use the internet wisely.

Polly Ho Ka-po, Pooi To Middle School

Ways to promote HK's culture

Besides the West Kowloon arts hub, there are many ways to promote cultural development in Hong Kong. The government can organise music or art competitions so that people can hone their skills and learn more about the city's cultural heritage.

In addition, the authorities can set aside an area in each district for graffiti artists. Each location could have a unique theme.

Cultural preservation should be promoted in schools, too. Cultural education could be one of the elective subjects in the school curriculum. Also, students need to be encouraged to learn musical instruments. And we must have more films and songs which promote the city's traditions.

Nowadays there are too many action and romantic movies. It's time our filmmakers focused on promoting our culture.

Amy Law

Enjoy school life and be happy

It is important that teachers and students have a good relationship. A lot of students complain about too much homework, while teachers have problems with under-achieving students.

Everybody should realise that a happy learning atmosphere is crucial for success. Students who do their homework and other assignments don't have to worry about getting into trouble. On the other hand, teachers should talk to students to find out if they have any problems.

If students enjoy their school life, teachers will be a lot happier and enjoy their job.

Tsao Wing-hei, POCA Wong Siu Ching Secondary School

Economy comes ahead of pollution

Everyone in Hong Kong is going green. Some even say that saving the environment is more important than economic progress. I totally disagree.

There are urgent problems in Hong Kong but most are not related to the environment. For example, hundreds of people lost their jobs during last year's financial crisis.

The city's high unemployment rate cannot be solved by planting a few trees.

The real concern now is people's livelihoods. That's why the government should put more effort into the economy rather than the environment.

Hong Kong is facing keen competition from the mainland and other Asian countries. The government should launch new projects to raise the city's competitiveness and maintain its position as an international financial centre.

Pollution is a serious problem. But a city with a poor economy is worse than a polluted place. Hence, we have to continue our economic development.

People in Hong Kong can live without trees but they cannot live without money.

Chan Yuen-ying, Our Lady of the Rosary College