Intelligent bra will never forget you

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 March, 2010, 12:00am

Women's underwear is known more for frills and fancy than having its own mind, but this spring/summer a new bra promises to remember the contours of your body and ensure a flattering fit time after time.

Triumph's new memory cushion bra has intelligent pads, made from layers of polyurethane and fibrefill encased in what the company terms 'memory foam' that recalls body shape.

'The advanced memory cushion pads perfectly shape to your body for snug support,' says Dianna Chan, head of marketing for Triumph International. 'It is extremely light and comfortable, and it provides better support and even weight distribution than other bras.'

Women have long appreciated the importance of their underwear offering support, but it's even more relevant this year as the trend for underwear as outerwear was made apparent on every designer's catwalk - from sheer camisoles that showed lace bras beneath to brief shorts that doubled as knickers. In addition, underwear now mirrors the style of outerwear, so if a trend is big on the outside, expect to find it close to your skin too. The ruffles and lacing that are all over dresses and shirts this summer are to be found underneath on bras and knickers.

The Triumph party bra comes with a combination of fashionable and playful details such as ruffle trims, bling accessories, versatile straps and crossback designs. It can be mixed and matched with outerwear so that wearers can reveal their individual style.

'Triumph's new lace-up collection features a sexy centre design that allows you to instantly adjust the bra to your desired cleavage, from maximum comfort to the ultimate boost,' Chan says.

'From T-shirts and casual daywear to more sophisticated evening and formal wear, you can customise your cleavage with one bra.'

While pretty underwear is associated with a sense of indulgence, wearers are increasingly interested in the materials and environmental impact of production.

'The trend for materials is that they be natural and ecologically friendly,' Chan says. 'For example, sloggi has come up with the Love World collection that is made from hi-tech regenerated materials derived from recycled plastic bottles.'

This year, Triumph will expand its popular EcoChic range to include another new intelligent fabric derived from bamboo charcoal.

'The bamboo charcoal collection offers extreme comfort and non-allergenic benefits,' Chan says. 'It is breathable and sweat-absorbent, helping to keep the body cool and making the underwear ideal for everyday and active lifestyles.'

New this season is the Touch Cool collection that is made of Wincool fibre. The fibre has a cross-section structure to help keep the wearer dry by instantly absorbing sweat on the skin and diffusing it to the surface of the fabric, making it a perfect bra for summer.

Whether you choose underwear for lighthearted or ecologically minded reasons, it also offers wearers a relatively more affordable way to keep up with trends. Given that the economic crisis may not have passed for all of us, a ruffle bra may be a relatively cheaper way to be hip than a new designer frock.