Shiny and bright is the brief

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 March, 2010, 12:00am

There was a time when men's underwear was famous for being little more than flabby, off-white y-fronts and shapeless string vests.

Then along came Calvin Klein with dazzlingly photographed underwear models that led men and women alike to demand that men be entitled to the same sexiness in their underwear that had been expected of women for so long.

Fortunately for everyone, men are now presented with underwear in a plethora of materials and colours that work harder to flatter, support and entice than the traditional black or white cotton y-fronts ever did.

The new trends for spring/summer 2010 include burgundy satins, snakeskin hipsters and silver micro fibres, meaning men have more choice than ever before.

HOM's seduction range uses shimmering fabrics and vivid colours that HOM brand manager Myra Siu says are popular now, as men want to dress well and feel good about themselves as a reaction against the recent economic crisis.

Mirroring outerwear fashion trends, men's underwear in the spring/summer season will feature strong, bright and fancy colours with shiny effects, Siu says.

The fruits of temptation line - created with a special airy microfibre - features underwear with shiny effects in vivid colours including fuchsia, burgundy and silvery grey.

Keeping with the biblical references, HOM's new snake line uses light and laminated fabrics to produce a shiny black snake skin effect. The CEsnake range also features co-ordinated socks and hipsters.

'The temptation collection aims to reflect men's varied personalities, the angel and devil in all of them,' Siu says.

'The new generation have a greater sense of individualism, and like to experiment with fashion.'

For those interested in fashion, the trend of treating underwear as outerwear continues, especially for those men who wear low-slung trousers that reveal the waistbands of their underwear.

'It's made our customers pay more attention to aspects such as waistband designs because they think if that part is on show it can reflect their own sense of style,' Siu says.

Still, it's not all about looks.

The feel is important too, as one of the key developments in men's underwear in recent years is wearers' demands for better fit, support and comfort.

HOM has refined fabrics, such as a special microfibre, that avoids VPLs and are invisible under trousers and, new this season, the luxury SILK 44 line that is made of a light, smooth silky yarn that feels soft to the touch.