Fujian killer admits plan to slaughter 30 students

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 27 March, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 27 March, 2010, 12:00am

The former surgeon who stabbed eight children to death in Nanping , Fujian , on Tuesday morning has admitted planning to kill 30.

Police said Zheng Minsheng , 42, had revealed his plot to kill the pupils, Xinhua reported yesterday, and had shown no sign of remorse after stabbing 13, leaving eight dead and five severely injured. One has yet to regain consciousness.

The other four survivors were in relatively stable condition but still in intensive care, Nanping health official Liu Bin told state media.

In an attack lasting less than a minute, Zheng stabbed the children outside the gate of the Nanping Experimental Primary School at about 7.20am on Tuesday as they waited for the school to open, officials said.

Prosecutors in Nanping's Yanping district approved Zheng's arrest on Wednesday on charges of intentional homicide, Xinhua said. Zheng said he committed the attacks because he felt frustrated after breaking up with his girlfriend last year and found life meaningless.

A police investigation that concluded on Thursday ruled out the possibility that Zheng might be suffering from a mental disorder.

Quoting a Nanping police source, Yancheng Evening News said police took Zheng back to the school for a re-enactment of the crime before dawn on Thursday.

Investigators said Zheng was lucid and accurate while confirming details of the rampage, starting from the first child to the 13th.

His account matched precisely with surveillance camera footage taken at the time.

'I still can't bring myself to finish watching that surveillance clip, even though it's only 55 seconds long,' one investigator told the paper.

'I'm not the only one. Actually, most of the investigators can't finish it. It's too horrific because you can see clearly that he turned his knife around in the chests of the children after stabbing them ... Several children in intensive care had their limbs almost chopped off. It's unclear whether they will regain any function in their arms.'

Yancheng Evening News said Zheng had told investigators that he lost his desire to live the day before the rampage and was aggravated by a female neighbour who told him: 'You can't just die like that, you should do something to make people stunned.'

Fujian media reported yesterday that parents of children who died could be eligible for compassionate grants of up to 195,000 yuan.

Other media reported parents in Guangdong and Jilin provinces expressing concern for their children's safety as they waited for schools to open.

Jilin's Public Security Bureau said it was planning to assign officers to escort teachers and students during peak class hours.

Meanwhile, a man armed with a knife attacked three students at Jilin's Tonghua Normal University on Thursday night before escaping, Xin Wen Hua Bao reported yesterday.

The wounded students, one woman and three men, were conscious and rushed to hospital, where they were in stable condition after suffering knife wounds to their backs and limbs, the Changchun-based newspaper said.

Citing witnesses, the paper said the attack was prompted by romantic problems. The suspect, believed to be a first-year university student, was arrested a few hours after the attack.