Nintendo 3DS

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 04 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 04 April, 2010, 12:00am


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Anyone who has seen Avatar will understanding the mind-blowing impact of 3D technology on moving pictures. Now Nintendo says it will do the same to games with a new version of its DS portable console.

Nintendo promises the new 3DS will be launched some time next year, and that you won't need those goofy glasses to enjoy the 3D experience.

There is very little detail about the device itself. But having seen preview clips in 3D of an unnamed Mario Bros game, the game play won't be all that different, except everything will be in 3D, with swords appearing to stick out from the screen, and so on.

While Nintendo has remained mute on the kind of technology that will feature in the 3DS, Japanese newspaper reports say it will likely use a parallel-barrier technique from Sharp to create a 3D effect visible to the naked eye.

This is achieved through placing a barrier with slits in front of the actual display. This allows each eye to see a different set of pixels, the same kind of effect that is achieved with those weird glasses. The only requirement is that you have to position yourself in exactly the right spot in front of the screen to enjoy the experience.

The reports also say that the 3DS will have screens that are smaller than 4 inches, so even smaller than the current DSi model.

Pricing and game support information is yet to be released - watch this space.

Pros: 3D gaming without the need for 3D glasses

Cons: Only available next year