PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 April, 2010, 12:00am

E-readers are not the answer

I am writing in response to the star letter headlined 'The great e-reader debate' from Kanis (Young Post, March 23).

I agree with the Editor, Susan. E-readers consume a lot of energy, and e-waste is toxic. Paper is a better choice as it is biodegradable. To save the environment and to save money, we should use paper.

There's also a health concern. E-readers are bad for the eyes. We have enough electronic gadgets already. Think again before you get an e-reader.

Lam Hoi-yee

Selfless donor sets great example

A man who has an extremely rare blood type went to the mainland to donate blood to a 19-month-old girl who needed an operation. The blood type is so rare that only four in every 1 million people have it. Most Hong Kong doctors have never come across this blood type.

There's something special too about this blood type. The person can donate to anyone, but they can only receive from those with the same blood type.

The man heard about the baby girl in the news and immediately went there to donate his blood. His pregnant wife was due to give birth in Hong Kong, but he went anyway to give blood and then rushed back for the birth of his child. It was a selfless act. I was really touched. It is wonderful to have caring individuals who are willing to make sacrifices, without wanting anything in return. They just want to help others. We should really learn from them.

Aaron Wong On-wai

Get a life - leave celebrities alone

I do not think it is right for the media to constantly put celebrities in the spotlight. It must be very hard for them to see their private affairs published in gossip magazines and newspapers.

Recently, news of a divorce between two artists has taken the entertainment industry by storm. But the relationship is between them. It is their private business and has nothing to do with the public. I don't think the media should constantly report it - it's like turning someone's sadness into a drama on stage.

I don't know why people are so interesting in star gossip.

Celebrities have the right to privacy also. They are just normal people like you and me.

Kim Chan Ping-ting, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Save water for future generations

The severe drought on the mainland has caused major damage to the environment, livestock and people's lives. Although Hong Kong has not been affected, rainfall has been declining. We should start saving water to avoid a water crisis. We can take quicker showers, and not leave the tap running when we brush our teeth or wash the dishes.

The government should set up a taskforce come up with measures to cope with water shortage. It should also educate the public about the importance of saving water.

We should not only save water, but also all other resources.

Tang Po-yan, St Antonius Girls' College

Let's do away with the death sentence

Capital punishment is a controversial topic around the globe. Recently, Taiwan's minister of justice, Wang Ching-feng, resigned over it.

It all began when Wang's deputy, Huang Shih-ming, told a legislative committee that although he would favour abolishing the death penalty, the punishment of 44 prisoners awaiting execution should not be delayed any longer.

Wang refused to sign any execution orders and quit. I am impressed by her bravery.

I am against the death sentence. It does not allow offenders to turn a new leaf, but simply destroys lives and breaks up families. The aim of laws is to make society a better place. I don't see how the death sentence helps.

Yip Wing-yee, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College