Company's poor service

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 April, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 April, 1994, 12:00am

I WAS waiting for a No 504 bus to Pokfulam at the bus-stop nearest to the Wan Chai Ferry bus terminus, at about 1pm, on April 15, when I saw the Nos 40 and 504 arrive at the stop at the same time.

Passengers had been waiting for about 15 minutes before the buses arrived.

Tourists might have thought nothing of it, however, local people are aware that when this happens, it usually indicates that the drivers have started their buses at the same time after having enjoyed a lengthy chat at the terminus.

If this is the case, it reflects badly on the poor management of the China Motor Bus Company and its directors, who had the audacity to ask for a fare rise way above the rate of inflation.

These problems with buses not arriving on time and arriving together are not new.

They have existed for a number of years. I know that other passengers think the same way as I do.

I have come across many drivers who start their buses whenever they feel like it and are discourteous to passengers.

If CMB is not doing a job that is up to scratch, why do Executive Councillors protect the company? J. LEE Pokfulam