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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 April, 2010, 12:00am

a. This Pakistan cricketer is set to marry an Indian tennis star in the coming weeks. The player is facing allegations that he harassed a woman who claims to be his wife. Due to the poor relationship between India and Pakistan, the real-life Romeo is likely to encounter many more problems if he marries the tennis star.

b. Rumours have been spreading on the internet recently about this man's alleged affair with the ecology minister of France. Both he and his wife have denied the rumours. He also visited the United States, where he met President Barack Obama to discuss international sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme.

c. This 27-year-old American tennis player is known for his fast and powerful serve. He won the ATP Sony Ericsson Open recently after defeating Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals and Tomas Berdych in the final. It was his 29th career title.

d. This American engineer, entrepreneur and medical doctor died at the age of 68 on April 1. He developed the first personal computer, Altair 8800, in 1975. The former employer of Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen left the computer industry in the 1980s to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a physician.

e. Hong Kong's police commissioner says he wants to retire in January next year, four months before his term expires. He was appointed to the post in January 2007. In recognition of his service, he has been awarded the Hong Kong Police Medals for Distinguished and Meritorious Service, the Colonial and HKSAR Police Long Service Medals and the Chief Executive's Commendation.


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