Clot's main man puts creative foot forward for Converse

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 April, 2010, 12:00am

It seems Kevin Poon Sai-han (right) is more than just Edison Chen Koon-hei's business partner in their Clot entertainment enterprise. Now he's a bona fide shoe designer too.

At the behest of Converse, Poon put together a Clot sneaker using the Jack Purcell canvas as the template. The end product was launched last week with a small fete at his retail shop Juice in Causeway Bay, with some of the proceeds going towards the Red Project, a charity to fight Aids in Africa.

'I don't have any formal training but definitely I am a sneaker fanatic and I am interested in design,' Poon said. 'It wasn't a really hard assignment. The actual layout was done by a designer but I kind of creative-managed it. It started with a conversation with Converse. They were bought by Nike and we've done a lot of work with Nike in the past. It was an honour when they invited me to utilise our influence for the campaign. The charity caught my attention because (U2 singer) Bono was the face of it.'

Having become Clot's main man - Chen is still ducking the limelight - it's now Poon's job to oversee the growing empire, which includes collaborations with other labels as well their own ventures in retail, fashion and music (such as local hip hoppers Fama). Poon has still got Chen's back. 'For him, it's been a transitional last three years and he's slowly getting back into a good space. We definitely support him. I know him as a friend and we've been through so much. Everyone makes mistakes and he's still learning, just as we're learning.'