Chinese Foundation Secondary School


PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 09 April, 2010, 12:00am


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Important to preserve heritage

Hong Kong used to be a fishing village. It has gone through an amazing transformation since its early days.

One of the reasons for Hong Kong's success is that it has many geographical advantages. It is at the centre of major shipping routes, and Victoria Harbour is deep enough to accommodate big ships. We also have a laissez-faire policy when it comes to business, which has helped the economy grow.

Despite all the economic development that has turned Hong Kong into a world-class city, we have a rich heritage and unique customs which should be preserved.

Jonathan Ho Pak-hung, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Never hesitate to help when you can

When we see an elderly person crossing the street, not many of us offer to help. When we see our neighbours carrying grocery bags in the lift, we don't always push the 'open' button for them.

We can all help others, no matter how small the deed is. People will be happy and grateful. Don't underestimate yourself. A little help goes a long way. Next time when you see someone who needs help, step forwards. Let's spread the warmth.

Janet Ching Hoi-man, Pooi To Middle School

Learning a lesson selling flags

Flag-selling is a meaningful activity for both volunteers and donors.

I've seen children asking their parents for money to buy a flag. I think this is a good way of teaching children to be generous. They learn to help the less fortunate at an early age. As the saying goes, charity starts at home.

I volunteered to sell flags recently and it was a valuable experience. I had the chance to interact with passers-by and observe people in general. I learned to approach a total stranger to explain what I was doing.

The more flags I sold, the happier I was. There was one small child that said 'thank you' to me with the sweetest smile ever, and I was touched.

Chan Pak-hay

Don't tempt others to steal

We should take care of our belongings at school. These days, many students bring their mobile phones and iPods to school. Young people who cannot afford the latest gadgets may end up stealing from their schoolmates.

We should put our valuables in our pockets, and we should not constantly show off our phones and MP3s. Also, don't leave your belongings lying around on your desk. Always keep an eye on them.

Anson Ho Chin-fung

TV and Net offer study benefits

I don't think parents should limit the time teenagers spend watching television. There are many programmes that are informative and beneficial.

Nowadays, students need to learn not only from textbooks, but other sources of information, such as the television and the internet.

Watching TV programmes can broaden our horizons and keep us up-to-date on what's happening in the world. Watching the news is especially helpful.

Apart from television, another screen teenagers spend a lot of time in front of is the computer. The internet offers a wealth of information. We can also do our homework and presentations on the computer. But I do agree that staring at the computer screen for too long can hurt our eyes.

We should use the computer in moderation and give our eyes a break every 20 minutes or so.

Howard Tsang

Going green at school

My school is not very environmentally friendly. There's a lot of waste paper and printer cartridges in rubbish bins in the computer room. In the canteen, the bins are filled with polystyrene lunch boxes. Recycling bins should be set up on campus so waste can be sorted.