Star's eye-opening backpacking trip

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 09 April, 2010, 12:00am

Most celebrities enjoy their time off in luxury villas in Phuket and Bali. Pop star Kary Ng Yu-fei spent a week before Easter trekking through exotic India. And it wasn't always a five-star journey, as Ng and her girlfriends explored the country's north on a backpacking excursion, literally.

'I haven't used a backpack since I graduated from college,' Ng said. 'But this time was special. Travelling with my close friends, it felt like a college road trip.'

The singer said it was an eye-opening experience seeing the Taj Mahal and other sites. She was particularly impressed by the intricate and ancient architecture, but not of the spicy cuisine, which she couldn't handle. Some of the less refined local habits also gave her pause. 'I saw people urinating in public places the day I arrived. Wow, that was too exotic for me. I really can't get used to that.'

Back from the holiday, Ng is busy expanding her musical repertoire, collaborating with local punk-metal band Hard Pack on a song. Then it's off again next month to another place of poverty. As an Oxfam ambassador, she'll be visiting poor villages in southwest Yunnan . She might want to take her backpack for that one too.