Guidelines for working at home

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 17 April, 2010, 12:00am

Many companies are increasingly leaning towards letting their employees work from home. It's cost-saving and allows staff a little more time with their families. There are, of course, fung shui guidelines that need to be considered when one chooses to work from home.

Firstly, try not to work in the bedroom. Having a computer in your bedroom may result in insomnia and headaches due to the yang energy that is generated. You may feel tired even after eight hours of sleep.

Ideally, you should work in a place where the yang energy is strong, be it the living or dining area or a separate study. If you live in a studio flat, make sure you have a special work area - with a desk and chair - that is separate from your bed. Don't be tempted to lie or sit in bed working on your laptop, which will result in difficulties sleeping.

Don't place your desk under overhanging shelves or cupboards that may be stacked with books, photo frames or other items, as this will result in headaches or shoulder pains. Remove the overhanging shelves or reposition your desk.

You should not sit with your back to the door as you may be distracted when someone enters the room. Instead, sit with your back to a wall with a view of the door so you can see who approaches you. Don't sit in the path of a door, as the chi that rushes in from the entrance will blur your focus.

Facing a window may cause distraction. It's better to have one to your side.

Sitting facing a wall is also not ideal unless there is space between the desk and the wall, allowing chi to gather in front of you.