Foodtrip Bedana's Filipino Restaurant

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 April, 2010, 12:00am

Fare Mainly Filipino but also dishes from across Southeast Asia, some of which offer a Chinese twist.

Ambience Sit-down Filipino restaurants are few and far between in Hong Kong and, while this small establishment has indoor and outdoor dining areas, seats are limited and very casual - just wooden stools at folding tables. The interior is nicely decorated and cosy but sitting outdoors means being tucked down a slightly dingy alley.

Cost About HK$100 per person.

Who to bring A friend willing to try exotic dishes and who has a sweet tooth.

Turn-ons The staff are friendly and happy to give their time helping you choose dishes to your liking. The squid in the sizzling pusit (grilled squid sauteed in garlic and sauce, below) was done to perfection, chewy yet a little moist on the inside, and is a must try. The crispy pata (deep fried pork knuckle) is also one of their specialities but is not available all the time. The delicacy of bird fetus is also available for those wanting a little adventure. Desserts are limited to two choices but both are worth a special journey: they were both sweet, indulgent and delicious. One is the mango pandan which has bits of mango and jelly served in a martini cup filled with condensed milk, and the other is the leche flan which is similar to caramel custard.

Turn-offs The indoor area and tables are quite small so don't try to bring a big group of friends. The seafood soup was disappointing: it tasted more like watered down, slightly fishy borscht.

Drinks A couple of Filipino drinks are available including a fresh lime drink and a sweet milky drink with shaved ice, preserved fruits and boiled sweet beans called halo halo (below left) that can also be a dessert. It is ideal for a hot summer day. Some Filipino beers, such as Red Horse beer, are also in stock.

G/F, Shop J, 2 Saigon Street, Jordan, 23323643