PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 April, 2010, 12:00am

Be fair to women

Discrimination is a problem in many countries. Even in a modern city like Hong Kong, gender discrimination is still a problem.

Recently, Hong Kong people have been concerned about setting a minimum wage.

I think it's more important for the government to do something about women being treated unfairly in the workplace. For example, some women are fired when they become pregnant.

The government should do more to protect women. It should ensure that women's rights are protected, and they are treated as well as their male counterparts.

Scarlet Lai

Good and bad of GM foods

Advances in science have led to plants being modified in the laboratory to increase their resistance to pests or improve their nutritional value.

Such genetically modified (GM) foods have their advantages, but may also bring great harm.

GM foods are resistant to pests. Crop failure due to insects and pests accounts for most of the financial loss suffered by farmers in developing countries.

Farmers use pesticides to kill insects. But these pesticides can cause health hazards in humans. Crops with too much pesticide make people feel ill.

Although GM crops can be modified to tolerate extreme weather, they can cause damage to other living organisms because of the links between insects and animals in the food chain. The death of one species could disrupt the whole ecosystem.

A 'back to nature' principle may be the answer. The principle is based on the fact that there is a balance between every living organism in nature and humans are only a part of nature. We should not interfere with the natural cycle of things.

Earnest Leung Cheuk-yiu, True Light Girls' College

Take some time to help the elderly

The elderly in Hong Kong deserve most attention. Almost one in eight people are aged 65 or above, and this figure is expected to rise in coming years. Medical advances and a longer lifespan have contributed to the increase.

More resources should be provided for the growing elderly population. They need different levels of care, whether they live at home or in homes for the elderly.

But Hong Kong's existing social services cannot meet their needs. Although the government will provide 1,000 additional nursing home places for the elderly, there is a long waiting list.

We have the responsibility to take care of the elderly because they worked hard and contributed to society when they were young.

Hilda Wong

Burden of e-learning

I don't think replacing textbooks with e-books is a good way of reducing environmental damage.

It's true that e-books are lighter, but they may pose other problems.

Viruses may attack our computers and some students may not know how to cope.

Besides, students may be tempted to play computer games or surf the internet instead of doing revision.

What's more, repair fees make e-learning expensive.

Kam Man-na

More variety

I think more Hollywood movies and foreign pictures should be introduced on the mainland.

Western productions lead the film industry in terms of technology and categories.

The central government should allow movies from around the world to be screened.

Incentives should also be offered to local filmmakers to raise the quality of production. The mainland is capable of making high-quality movies just like any other country.

Peggy Yeung King-nga, Our Lady of the Rosary College