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Rooms: The Main Building

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 April, 2010, 12:00am

Puzzle fanatics will love this video game for the Nintendo DS. They have to push their way through more than 100 slide puzzles in this new brain twister.

In Rooms: The Main Building, gamers have to tackle a mystery they may have never experienced before. Players take on the role of Mr X who is transported to an alternate world after opening a mysterious birthday present from Mr Book. Waking up in the middle of what looks like a deserted London street, Mr X meets Mr Book, a talking, animated leather-bound book. Mr Book is the steward of the Rooms mansions who acts as your guide throughout the game.

Game play is based on slide puzzles that require you to move square tiles around to make a picture.

In Rooms, Mr X has to move tiles around to get to the exit. Then he can go on to the next puzzle until he has found the way to get back to his own world.

Interesting game play mechanics are gradually introduced to mix things up and increase the difficulty of the puzzles. For example, pay phones can transport Mr X from one puzzle tile to another which also has a phone; wardrobes swap puzzle pieces while leaving you in the same spot on the board to get a tile into a useful position.

There are more than 100 rooms. To slide your way through each room takes anywhere between one and five minutes, depending on how good you are at solving special problems. Rooms' fundamental idea is similar to the Sony Playstation Portable game Exit from a few years ago.

The NDS version of Rooms includes a 'Level Editor' that allows you to create your own levels and share them. This makes it possible to have a large number of bonus puzzles that you can swap with your friends.

The game's graphics present a dark, ominous Victorian atmosphere, while the music is equally gloomy.

Overall, puzzle buffs will find this game, which is fun and challenging, a real treat.

Rooms is a great game for students who use the MTR to travel to and from school.

A player should be able to complete a level within each MTR stop.

Gamers should definitely make 'room' for this game in their collection.