Missing Shenzhen baby found dead in tunnel

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 April, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 April, 2010, 12:00am

A baby missing since a hit-and-run accident in Shenzhen four days ago that left his mother with a fractured skull has been found dead inside the Tanglangshan Tunnel yesterday.

DNA tests last night confirmed that the body of a baby the officers found is that of 20-year-old Li Yun's four-month-old son. Shenzhen police blocked the tunnel yesterday morning until 11am.

Li was pushing her stroller as she crossed Busha Road in Longgang district at about 7am on Sunday when she was hit by a Hong Kong-licensed truck driven by Leung Koon-bui.

Leung, a Hong Kong resident, allegedly fled the scene, leaving Li seriously injured on the road. A witness said the truck ran over the stroller and dragged it away with the baby still inside. Leung rushed back to Hong Kong less than an hour after the accident, but was asked to return to Shenzhen.

A person close to the Shenzhen police said officers believe Leung misled police in their efforts to find the missing baby.

'The police had been misguided by the driver and searched in the wrong places for the baby,' the person said. 'It wasn't until this morning [yesterday], when police extended the search area to the tunnel and found a baby's body inside.'

Leung had told police he had not been aware he was involved in an accident and had dumped an empty stroller that had been lodged under his truck's front bumper just before the entrance of the tunnel.

Since Sunday, more than 100 Shenzhen officers have been searching for the baby along roads between the site of the accident and where Leung said he had left the stroller.

At 10pm on Sunday, police found the stroller with blood on it beside the Nanping expressway, about two kilometres before the entrance of the tunnel, which is more than 30 kilometres from the scene of the accident. After a police simulation of the accident on Tuesday, officers found that the stroller would have been stuck hard beneath the bumper.

The person close to the police said: 'There was little possibility that the baby could be thrown out, so officers started to doubt what the driver had told them and extended their search area.'

Legal and medical authorities visited Li and her husband yesterday afternoon to take blood samples for DNA testing.

Li, who is being treated at Nanling Hospital yesterday, said she could not believe her son was dead. 'He's still alive somewhere in the world,' she said.

Her mother-in-law, Wang Guizhen, said on Tuesday that 'many witnesses waved at the driver to get him to stop, but the driver ignored them and sped away'. 'They even heard our baby cry in the stroller.'

Leung remians in police custody.