New doctors help rural residents

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 May, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 May, 2010, 12:00am

Forty-six medical school graduates from across the mainland took part in a programme to serve in 100 rural health centres in Zhuhai .

The programme was started in January last year by the Zhuhai government. It aims to improve the health service network at the grass-roots level.

Ye Peiyu is a recent graduate from Guangdong Medical College who majored in clinical medicine. She said patients did not accept her at first because she was a fresh graduate. But she convinced them with her medical skills.

'The patients are simple and honest,' Ye said.

'If you are able to cure them, they will come to you again. They won't mind if you are a fresh graduate with little experience.'

She joined the programme two months ago and was assigned to the Doumen Xiwan centre. She said her hard work had paid off - some patients asked to be treated by her after her two-month stint.

Her first patient was a granny who often felt dizzy. The patient had high blood pressure, according to her medical records, but she still felt unwell after taking medicine for a month. Ye did a thorough check-up and found the woman had cervical syndrome, or neck problems.

'I suggested she go to a higher-level hospital for a CT scan, which proved my diagnosis was correct,' she said.

'I prescribed another medicine and she recovered. After that, she brought me all her family members who were ill.'

Fellow doctor Liu Laowu, who works in Lianzhou county, said: 'The more remote a village is, the more residents are in need of doctors. When I first arrived I felt lonely, but now I am used to life here and I know the people need my help.'

The government hopes to help rural residents who cannot afford high hospital costs. Fresh graduates such as Ye and Liu form an important part of rural health care.