The home tool kit

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 May, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 May, 2010, 12:00am

Emergency repair work

You never know when you might have to do some emergency DIY (do-it-yourself) so every home should have a basic tool kit. Does one of your drawer handles look as if it might fall off? Let's take out the tool kit and make some repairs.

What tools should you have in your toolbox?

Can you match the tool with its description?

1 a screwdriver

2 a hammer

3 a drill

4 a pair of pliers

5 a spirit level

6 a spanner

7 a chisel

8 a hacksaw

a. a tool with a long metal blade that has a sharp edge for cutting wood and stone. You usually hit it with a hammer

b. a tool made up of a thick piece of flat metal fixed onto the end of a long wooden handle. It is used to hit on things to put them in place

c. a tool with two handles for holding or pulling out small things like nails

d. a metal tool with a shaped end used for turning nuts and bolts

e. a tool that makes holes in wood, metal, plaster or stone

f. a plastic block that contains a tube of liquid with a bubble in it. It is used to show whether a surface is level

g. a small saw with small teeth used for cutting metal

h. a tool made up of a handle joined to a metal rod shaped at the other end to fit into a screw

Bits and pieces

The definitions of these bits and pieces in your tool box have been muddled. Sort them out.

1 a nail

a) a thin flat metal tool with a rough surface. It is used for sawing wooden or metal objects to make them smooth

2 a screw

b) a metal object like a screw but without a point. It is used with a nut to fasten things together

3 a tape measure

c) a thin round pointed piece of metal with a raised twist round along its length and a flat top with a cut in it. It is used to put pieces of wood or metal together

4 a file

d) a small piece of metal with a hole in it into which a bolt can be screwed

5 a nut

e) a small round thin piece of metal with one pointed end and one flat end that you hit into something with a hammer

6 a bolt

f) a thin and narrow strip of plastic or metal used to measure length

Doing the job

Now that we've examined everything in the toolbox, complete these sentences.

1 I want to screw this mirror to the wall. I've got the screws but where's the ..........................?

2 You should nail these two pieces of wood together. Here are the nails. I'll go look for a ..........................

3 We need three small holes here in this piece of wood. Have we got a ....................?

4 I've got to pull these old nails out first. Pass me a ..........................

5 I don't think this table top is level. Where's the ..........................?

6 I'm just going to cut off the end of this metal rod. Can you pass me the ................., please?


April 28

First night: 1. b, 2. b, 3. a, 4. b, 5. a, 6. a, 7. b, 8. a, 9. b, 10. a

On stage: 1. b, 2. d, 3. a, 4. c, 5. e, 6. h

Your turn to act: 1. audience / 2. lead actor / 3. applause / 4. froze / 5. rehearsing / 6. dialogue