Pets to charm fans in the flesh

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 April, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 April, 1994, 12:00am

BEAUTY, it would seem, is not a commodity that travels well. So when Alexis Christian, Leslie Glass and Gina La Marca - Penthouse Pets for January, April and May (1993) respectively - met Keeping Posted yesterday, less than 24 hours after they'd arrived from the States, they had a lot to load off their, ahem . . . chests.

''My hair, it's just hopeless in this humidity,'' lamented Gina as she wove her hand hopelessly through her chestnut-brown tresses. Added Leslie: ''We can't seem to get our curlers or even the hairdryer to work in Hong Kong because the voltage is not compatible.'' While the Penthouse centrefolds may have been having electrical problems of their own, the sparks were certainly flying when they walked around the Furama Kempinski and attracted (especially) the attention of hot-blooded males.

But their woeful tale of life as a centrefold is not over yet. ''The planes, the hotels, the long hours . . . it's not easy,'' they uttered almost in chorus. And the poor dears get their navels stapled into the bargain, too. The girls are here to enhance the anniversary celebrations of the Yongder Hall Group, publishers of the Chinese edition of Penthouse.

Leslie, however, has an additional duty. Having been selected Pet of the Year by the 60,000 Hong Kong readers she will have the opportunity to meet them in the flesh - though, presumably, a lot of the flesh will be suitably covered up when she connects with her fans this time around.

''We are thrilled to be here because this really is a glamour assignment,'' cooed Gina, Miss May of the centrefold class of '93. ''I was thrilled to be chosen,'' she added, not mentioning that Misses January to April and June to December were probably less so at missing out.

There is, also, the ''embarrassment factor'' - especially when they were the featured centrefold - or ''on the bookstands'' as the girls quaintly put it.

Recalled Gina: ''I was in the supermarket with my mother when the checkout girl suddenly said 'I know you, you are the Penthouse Pet, aren't you?' '' As Gina struggled to regain her composure her mum exclaimed: ''But, honey, how on Earth did that girl recognise you with your clothes on?'' Quite.