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Every home should have one

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 May, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 May, 2010, 12:00am

Plug it in!

We all have electrical appliances at home which we plug in, switch on and leave to do jobs that make life easier. Where would we be without the washing machine?

What functions do the following appliances have?

1 a blender ...

a. is used in the kitchen for turning solid ingredients into smooth pastes

b. is a small microwave with grill fitted into a cupboard

2 a dishwasher ...

a. is a special machine for washing cutlery

b. cleans and dries dirty pans, glasses and cutlery

3 a spin dryer ...

a. dries cutlery after it has been washed in the sink

b. spins wet clothes around very fast to get all the water out

4 a fridge ...

a. is a kitchen appliance that uses electricity to keep food cold

b. is a kitchen appliance used for storing ice

5 a hob ...

a. is a cupboard for storing pans

b. a flat surface with four electric hot plates for cooking food in pans

6 a freezer ...

a. is a special oven for defrosting frozen food

b. is an electric container that freezes food so it can be kept for a long time

Which appliance?

Put the appliances into the spaces in these sentences

1 Put the ice cream into the ................... before it melts.

2 I'll put these tomatoes into the .................... and make some soup for dinner.

3 Just turn on one of the hot plates on the ..................... - I'm only heating one pan.

4 I hate doing the washing-up by hand. The ........................ is the most important appliance in my kitchen.

5 I think this milk has gone off. How long has it been in the ...................?

6 I've just washed your T-shirts by hand but we'll put them in the ................... to dry.

More appliances

If you used an iron to whip egg whites, you would make a mess.

All the appliances in the sentences below are wrong for the job. Swap the appliances and rewrite the setences so they make sense.

1 Have you got an iron? I'm going to whip up some egg whites to make some meringues.

2 Where's the kettle? I've just dropped some cornflakes on the carpet and want to clean up.

3 I'm going to make some fresh orange juice with my new electric whisk.

4 I'm going to chop these carrots into small pieces with this brilliant vacuum cleaner.

5 Just run the juicer over my white shirt, please. I want to look smart tonight.

6 Turn the dicer on. Let's have a cup of tea.

Which ad line?

Decide which appliance each of these adverts is for.

1 Heats enough water for four cups of tea in only two minutes!

2 Makes delicious soups and smoothies in seconds!

3 Has an automatic cut-off switch so you will never burn your toast again!

4 Put water in here and steam comes out here. You will never have creases in your shirts again.


May 5

In your toolbox: 1. h, 2. b, 3. e, 4. c, 5. f, 6. d, 7. a, 8. g

Bits and pieces: 1. e, 2. c, 3. f, 4. a, 5. d, 6. b

Doing the job: 1. screwdriver, 2. hammer, 3. drill, 4. pliers, 5. spirit level, 6. hacksaw


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