Word on the street - what voters had to say

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 May, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 May, 2010, 12:00am

Alice Lau, social worker (Kowloon West) 'The atmosphere of this election is lukewarm, but I voted to tell the government that I want to exercise my civic rights. I voted for another social worker, Kenneth Cheung Kam-hung.'

Chapman Chen, university lecturer (Hong Kong Island) 'I have been living in Finland for two years but I came back to vote. The day for universal suffrage cannot be delayed any more'

Chan Pit-ming, clerk (Kowloon West) 'I have voted for Raymond Wong Yuk-man. By casting this vote I hope to bring about changes. It is wrong for the chief executive and other high-ranking officials to boycott the election.'

Chan Kam-ching, retiree, 74, a villager of Tsoi Yuen Tsuen, Yuen Long (New Territories West) 'The legislators representing functional constituencies broke up my home and family [by voting for the dismantling of my village to make way for the construction of the express rail link to Guangzhou]. I want to tell the government that functional constituencies must be abolished.

Chan Chi-sin, 83, retiree, Yuen Long resident (New Territories West) 'Donald Tsang and other high-ranking bureaucrats say they won't vote. This only gives me more motivation to vote. I voted for Albert Chan Wai-yip. I need to fulfil my civic duty.'

Patrick Yeung Chun-tung, 33, office worker from Tai Po (New Territories East) I voted for Crystal Chow Ching from the 2012 student group. I want more young people in the legislature. I don't object to the so-called referendum on universal suffrage. It's the last resort.

Lam Yu Ha, 26, housewife (Kowloon East) I didn't know today was election day. I'm not sure who the candidates are in my district. I haven't thought about voting, I don't think I will vote. To me, this is a by-election, not referendum.

Daisy Lo Tak Man 45 clerk (Kowloon East) I voted for Alan Leong. I would interpret this as a referendum. I am disappointed that Donald Tsang refused to vote.