PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 May, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 May, 2010, 12:00am

Quake hero a good role model

I was moved by the news of the Hong Kong volunteer who died while trying to save others in the earthquake in Qinghai. He was called Wong Fuk-wing.

I want to pay tribute to Wong. His selfless dedication to saving others touched me. He was a brave hero and a positive role model.

Although he was just an ordinary person, he tried to save students during the earthquake. He did not worry about the building collapsing around him. He kept going back into the building to save people.

Young Hongkongers should learn from Wong. They should do volunteer work and help others in their spare time.

Ching Fung-ming, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School

Chatting to a speech therapist

My classmates and I interviewed a first-year student who is studying speech and hearing science at the University of Hong Kong.

We now have a better understanding of what speech therapy involves.

A speech therapist can help different kinds of patients, such as people with a speech impediment or with autism.

The lessons at the university adopt problem-based learning. Teachers give students cases and students can ask questions based on those cases.

The demand for speech therapists is increasing. We should consider our personality and interests, however, before choosing to be a speech therapist. We should decide whether we are patient and caring enough.

It was a meaningful interview because we now know more about what a speech therapist does: an important job which is not yet popular in Hong Kong.

Vanessa Ning, True Light Girls' College

Try to mind your manners

As China is now a powerful country, people worldwide have more respect for us. However, they do not admire Chinese people's behaviour.

As the World Expo is now taking place in Shanghai, there is a lot of news coverage showing how people behave. You can see them causing an uproar while queuing to get into the pavilions, for example.

I believe the mainland should try to show its strength in different ways, and show its better side. To achieve this goal, people should improve their manners.

One reason for their poor manners is that most of them are raised by parents with poor manners, and they learn from them. They jump queues, dump rubbish everywhere and speak loudly in public.

During the Easter holiday, I went to the OCT East theme park in Shenzhen with my family. When we were about to get off the cable car, some mainlanders jumped into the carriage before we could get out. My grandmother was with us, but fortunately no one was hurt.

As a Chinese citizen, I hope China can be respected in every way and the World Expo can be held successfully and peacefully.

As the bad manners of Chinese people affect China's image, the government should take action to tackle it.

Evita Lee, St Paul's Secondary School

Equality for all

Equality has been a hot issue recently. It is claimed that everyone is equal, yet I hesitate to agree.

Inequality can be seen in a number of cases. For example, some old people are turned down in some jobs because of their age. Likewise, some men are not able to get jobs as secretaries.

People from the mainland, particularly women, are discriminated against the most. Local people tease them about their imperfect Cantonese, and so forth.

Everyone in society should be treated as equally.

Samantha Lau Pui-ching, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School