Stripes enliven light shirts

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 April, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 April, 1994, 12:00am

THIS season is no time for the Bogner man to hide in the shade.

Whether it be business wear or casual clothes, he can expect impeccable tailoring, subtle use of colour and attention to stylish detail from the Bogner wardrobe.

At the centre of the summer look is the polo shirt to be dressed up or played down.

This versatile garment can be worn with jeans or slacks and a blouson for a relaxed weekend. It may be teamed with a sports jacket and smart trousers for more formal occasions or even worn to the office.

Solid colours or sporty stripes abound. And there is the washed-out look in eight shades to add dash to the day.

Suits and jackets are more relaxed this season. And the answer to every Hong Kong man's summer dilemma - how to look trendy on those occasions that require a jacket - is the American half-lining version where only the front and shoulders are lined, leaving the back free.

For the man who travels the world for work, there is the new generation of crease-resistant suit fabrics made of worsted yarns, including linen.

Texture is every bit as important as the cut and colour.

Some fabrics are grainy, others are soft and fuzzy.

Fabrics for sports jackets feel great against the skin and include virgin wool in linen-weave, wool seersucker and wool-silk blends.

Casual clothes take a hint from practical sports and work styles such as the photographer's vest in canvas with 11 pockets, the masculine Aran knit sweater, sporty jackets with patch pockets or zipper closings hidden under button fronts.

The ship-shape sailing look will appeal to landlubbers as well.

Navy, white and beige combine with yellow, green and red on nautical jackets in micro fibre fabrics, Moby Dick sweaters with zippered collars and signal-flag patch pockets.

Light, soft unlined leathers and suedes are used for blousons or long jackets.

For a more rugged touch, the nubuck jackets come with patches on the back and collars.

Bogner has three cuff widths for trousers which come in grainy-textured wool, fine cord, serge or quality cotton.

Classic five-pocket jeans in seven colours come in super light pre-washed cotton gabardine.

For summer shirts, there are tiny checks and stripes against a dark background for business styles. Linen makes a cool comeback for both dress and casual looks.

And that word ''texture'' pops up again in seersuckers and pre-washed cotton with a jeans feel to it.

Apart from the bright sailing collection, the colour scheme for summer is cool and natural.

Shades of beige and navy blue are ideal for the city with ochre, green and grey for easy days.

In men's wear, little details make a difference. Bogner stitches on tropical nut-seed buttons on jackets, suede trim on pockets, discreet embroidery on sweatshirt sleeves, safari jacket pockets, drawstrings and even loops to hold your golf tees.

For boating, walking, golfing or lazing around, or for the office worker and traveller, Bogner has your bags packed with fashion for a stylish season.