Legislator sued over 'assassins' remark

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 29 May, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 29 May, 2010, 12:00am

Financial services legislator Chim Pui-chung is suing fellow lawmaker Wong Yuk-man for what he says were suggestions that Chim frequently employed assassins.

Chim submitted a claim for damages to the High Court yesterday over allegedly defamatory remarks by Wong at a forum on May 13 in the lead-up to the May 16 by-elections.

The writ says Wong, former agony aunt Pamela Pak Wan-kam and others contesting the Kowloon West by-election took part in a programme hosted by Commercial Radio on May 13. A row broke out between Wong and Pak that was later joined by Pak's partner, tourism-sector lawmaker Paul Tse Wai-chun.

Chim claims that, in the presence of candidates and reporters, Wong suggested to Tse that Chim would 'employ assassins to kill' and 'frequently engaged in' and was 'accustomed' to employing assassins.

The remarks were widely published in newspapers, and a video that showed Wong making the comments was circulated on the video sharing site YouTube.

Chim says his reputation as a legislator and a businessman was seriously damaged and he suffered hurt, distress and embarrassment.

The writ says Wong did not apologise afterwards and that he made the defamatory remarks to gain an advantage in the by-election.

The South China Morning Post reported that Tse forced his way into the radio studio during the live broadcast, claiming he wanted to protect Pak from being abused by Wong. Another by-election candidate, Lam Yi-lai, pushed Tse away with her chest, then accused him of 'bodily contact'.

Police were called, and all the parties agreed to settle the matter without further action.

Chim, Wong, Tse and Pak have been entangled in verbal arguments and legal action in recent months.

In January, Wong sued Pak for releasing and distributing an allegedly libellous open letter.