Group hopes to penetrate mainland's firewall with live radio broadcast of June 4 vigil

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 03 June, 2010, 12:00am

Will mainland residents be able to bypass internet censorship to watch a live broadcast of tomorrow's candlelight vigil commemorating the 1989 crackdown on the pro-democracy movement?

That's the question facing radio activist Yang Kuang, who is leading a group of Hongkongers in an attempt to broadcast the vigil in Victoria Park live to the mainland.

A similar attempt last year by Green Radio was unsuccessful, but Yang said he was confident.

'Last year, we saw a lot of mainland people attending the vigil,' Yang, 43, said. 'We believe many who can't come to Hong Kong hope to see the event, and therefore we'll do our best to provide technological help.'

Yang, a host of Green Radio, said people on the mainland could access the online radio's website for tomorrow night's broadcast.

On June 4 last year, he said, the broadcast relied on a single server, which mainland authorities quickly identified and blocked.

But at least 40 servers with different Internet Protocol addresses will be used this year, thanks to the participation of volunteers who are keen to let people on the mainland know about the vigil, Yang said.

'With more servers, we will be able to handle heavier traffic and bypass the blockade,' he said.

Yang is also a member of Citizens' Radio and was among activists fined for operating the unlicensed station.