Editor's choice - Bedroom + living rooms

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 June, 2010, 12:00am

New look for Old egg

The Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair has been given a facelift. This 1958 design classic has been upholstered in sand-coloured Steelcut Trio, a cross-stitched woven fabric from Kvadrat, matched with a velvety seat pad and a grey, powder-coated aluminium base. Find more details at Aluminium (www.hk-aluminium.com)

Rock on ... and off

The thinking behind the Murakami chair is simple and effective. The chair has a lamp attached that is powered by kinetic energy produced from the chair's rocking. And that lampshade is not a lampshade but an OLED light source, in the shape of a lampshade. The OLED lamp even senses when it's light or dark, and if it's light, it stores the energy produced by rocking in a battery pack until nightfall. The award-winning chair is the brainchild of US designer Rochus Jacob. It really does rock.

Cruise control

Reminiscent of the grand era of travel in the early 20th century, French furniture brand Starbay evokes nomadic elegance, with a focus on comfort and durability. Colonial-style pieces are handcrafted from precious woods in rich hues, and leathers with a traditional patina. About 12 years ago, its founders started rescuing furniture from abandoned luxury ocean cruise liners heading to Indian shipbreakers. They soon began designing pieces, recreating the legendary trunks, chests and desks of lost times. Starbay recently opened its two first outlets in Hong Kong and the mainland, with an 800 sq m flagship store in Shanghai, and a 200 square metres display in Shambala, Horizon Plaza. Ap Lei Chau. For more visit www.starbay.com

Time to nest

Technology and comfort come together in blissful harmony to form this egg bed by Gunther Thony's Thony Projekt for UK-based firm Lomme (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution). Lomme taps the sense of sound (it has a fully integrated stereo system with iPod dock), sight (hidden LEDs, which can be user-tuned to simulate sunset and sunrise), and touch (a massage system integrated into the mattress) to create this egg-shaped bed that takes sleep to a whole new level. Visit www.lomme.com for more.