Sa Dingding a hard taskmaster

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 05 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 05 June, 2010, 12:00am

Many performers unwind with good food and drinks after completing a show, but not mainland singer Sa Dingding. She doesn't just deny herself, she also keeps her band from having fun after a gig.

'We don't have after-parties. Members of my band have to watch the playback right after each show. I admit I'm a demanding leader,' said Sa (below), who has just returned to the mainland after completing the first leg of her European tour.

'[My band] complained that it was too tiring, but I think we have to be professional about what we do.'

The Mongolian-Chinese singer performs in Shenzhen tonight and will return to Europe next month before going to North America.

'Music is something you enjoy doing, not something you use to make a fortune.

'If you want to make a fortune, join the financial industry.'

Her tour has taken in Britain, Spain and Switzerland so far.

'Every tour is a challenge because you never know if you will be invited to play again,' said Sa, who recently released her second album Harmony. 'Luckily, they welcomed me to play in their countries again.'

Known for ethereal vocals and for fusing traditional folk music with electronica, Sa won BBC Radio 3's World Music Award for her 2007 album Alive, which sold more than two million copies in Asia.