PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 June, 2010, 12:00am

Whether French-speaking Montreal owes its fondness for eye candy to its European ancestry or not, those who like their home to look good will find a great deal to interest them among the Canadian city's cobbled streets.

A good place to begin is at Bonaldo (2 Le Royer, Old Montreal; tel: 514 287 9222; Of special note here are spiky lamps made of veneer (C$1,400/HK$10,330 each). They would look good illuminating the stackable polycarbonate chairs (right; C$350 each), which are sturdy enough for outdoor use.

The French love of food and drink has left its mark on the city's culture and this is reflected in the home to an almost obsessive degree. Much of the display at Arthur Quentin (3960 Rue St Denis, tel: 514 843 7513; would baffle even a sous chef but the lime green citron presse (C$19.50) and traditional cheese boards (from C$18) are stylish and sure to end up as staples.

For the wine lover, there's 12 Degrees en Cave (367 St Paul Est, tel: 514 866 5722;, which serves up everything the oenophile is ever likely to need, including a taster glass (C$48.95) and a short, stout glass for port (C$12.50).

At Zone Maison (4246 St Denis, tel: 514 845 3530; the Gallic accent is on the modern and fresh. The Paris chair (C$390) bursts with almost cartoon-style leaves and the Bistro green toaster (C$100) is bright and bold.

More creativity is to be found at Domison (4117 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, tel: 514 563 1268; The owners are committed to local talent and focus on the idea that less is more. A highlight is the Origami shelf, with well-positioned dividers, and the grey Chicago sofa, which is understated yet still an effective main piece for the living room. Prices are on application.

Eurostyle Furniture (6224 Decarie Blvd, tel: 514 807 3863; has acres of products to choose from and if you look hard enough you'll find a languid blue and green vase (C$120) and a gold-plated crystal chandelier by Swarovski (C$339).

L'Empreinte Co-operative (272 St-Paul Street East, Old Montreal, tel: 514 861 4427; places a lot of emphasis on handcrafted and individual goods - many of which have been manufactured by local hands. The pewter oil lamp and stationery boxes are especially attractive, possessing an artisanal quality that is typical of Montreal.