Injunction sought over dogs' foul behaviour

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 June, 2010, 12:00am

The management of the Bel-Air residence in Pok Fu Lam has accused a domestic helper of breaching its rules by letting dogs under her care obey the call of nature in common areas, and applied for an injunction stopping her from doing so.

Island South Property Management, which manages the upmarket complex near the Cyberport, has filed for an injunction against Lilybeth Lozano, who works for a household at Residence Bel-Air. The management company filed a claim in the Court of First Instance earlier this week asking for a court order to restrain Lozano from allowing the dogs to urinate or excrete in any part of the complex's common areas. It is also demanding damages for her breach.

It claims that it issued a notice informing residents that dogs were prohibited from fouling in the common areas in May. Despite this and oral and written requests, including two notices issued to Lozano and her employers on May 18 and October 9 last year, she has failed to stop the dogs from doing so.

In its statement of claim, Island South Property said that on May 15 and October 9 last year, Lozano took a dog to relieve itself at a podium and at the main entrance of a car park. Then, on May 12 this year, she took two dogs to conduct their business between Cyberport Road and the main gate.

'The plaintiff was, as a result of the breaches, put to incur extra manpower and costs to clean and tidy up the common areas and has suffered damages,' Island South Property said in the court document. If unrestrained by the court, the company said, Lozano would continue to breach the rules.