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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 June, 2010, 12:00am
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Canadian International School of Hong Kong


36 Nam Long Shan Road

Tel: (852) 2525-7088



Year groups taught: Pre Reception - Grade 12; Number of students: 1,750; Accreditation: International Baccalaureate Diploma; Ontario Secondary School Diploma; Association membership: International Baccalaureate School; Year founded: 1991 Curriculum: CDNIS offers a balanced programme with excellent opportunities in academic studies as well as the arts and physical education. Special emphasis is placed on an outstanding Chinese Studies (Mandarin) programme and world-class Information Technology facilities. Medium: English; Special programmes: One-to-one laptop programme Number of teachers: 180; Average class size: Pre Reception and Reception - 20, Prep-Gr12 - 25; Extra-curricular activities: Various sports programmes, music, art, etc.; Pass rate in 2008: 100%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 100; For three consecutive years, Canadian International School of Hong Kong was recognized as the Leading International School in Hong Kong by Hong.

Pre Reception-Reception: HK$68,500; Prep-Gr4: HK$92,000; Gr5-8: HK$94,700; Gr9-12: HK$102,800 with Annual Capital Levy: HK$21,500. Application fee: HK$2,200

Carmel School Association: Carmel Elementary and Pre-school, Elsa High School

Shau Kei Wan

460 Shau Kei Wan Road; Tel: 3665-5388; Fax Number: 3665-5399; E-mail:

Mid-Levels: Carmel Elementary and Pre-school; 10 Borrett Road; Tel: 2964-1600; Fax Number: 2813-4121; E-mail:

Mid-Levels: Ganeynu Early Childhood Center; 70 Robinson Road; One Robinson Place; Level 3; Tel: 2249-7600; Fax Number: 2249-7690; E-mail: or; Website:

Year groups taught: 1 to 18; Number of students: 267; Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (K to Grade 9); Association membership: East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools; Year founded: 1991 Curriculum: Carmel School's Elementary programme is an integrated Jewish and General studies academic programme, using an American curriculum, taught and learned in two languages. Students should become skilled and knowledgeable in the traditional school subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education, while they are achieving a level of fluency in their second language (either Hebrew or English. The Elementary School also offers Putonghua (Mandarin) in all grades. Medium: English, Mandarin, Hebrew; Special programmes: English as an Additional Language; The Learning Connection (special needs) Number of teachers: 44; Average class size: Pre-school - 15, Elementary - 20, High school - 20

Ganeynu - HK$48,700; Pre-school - HK$65,950; Elementary - HK$105,950; High School - HK$124,450; Capital Levy - HK$15,000 (non-refundable for Elsa High School only). Application fee: HK$1,500 (non-refundable)

Chinese International School

Braemar Hill, North Point

1 Hau Yuen Path; Braemar Hill,

Tel: 2510 7288



Year groups taught: Reception - Year 13; Number of students: 1,420; Accreditation: Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC); Association membership: Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS); Year founded: 1983 Curriculum: Bilingual English-Mandarin, international curriculum. At primary, there is a collaborative approach to teaching in the two languages. At secondary, students follow the IB Middle Years and Diploma programmes. Arts, sports, and community service included. French and Spanish also taught. Medium: English, Mandarin, French, Spanish. Number of teachers: 167; Average class size: 14-24; Extra-curricular activities: Varied programme of team and recreational sports, performing arts, community service and other interest groups; Results: Pass rate in 2008, 98%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 100.

Reception: HK$97,500; Years 1-6: HK$129,300; Years 7-11: HK$152,600; Years 12 and13: HK$154,800. with refundable personal debenture HK$75,000 or Annual Levy HK$7,500. . Application fee: HK$1,000

Delia School of Canada

Taikoo Shing

No. 5-7 Tai Tung Avenue;

Tel: 3658 0508, 3658 0338



Year groups taught: 4-18; Number of students: 1,100; Accreditation: Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education, Hong Kong Education Bureau; Association membership: Delia Group of Schools; Year founded: 1987 Curriculum: The school follows the Ontario curriculum from PG1 to G12, leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students are provided a rigorous and challenging curriculum in all core academic subjects as well as the Arts. DSC offers intensive ESL and language programs in Putonghua, French and Japanese. Medium: English; Number of teachers: 75 teachers; Average class size: 16 to 25 students; Extra-curricular activities: More than 30 co-curricular activities including basketball, badminton, art, soccer, choir, dance, cheerleading and swimming; Pass rate in 2008: 98%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 100.

PG1: HK$76,000; G1-8: HK$80,000; G9-10: HK$90,000; G11-12: HK$95,000; G1-8 ESL Fee: HK$1,800; G1-12 Textbook Deposit: HK$1,000, refundable; G9-12 Laptop Deposit: HK$2,000, refundable; G9-12 Computer Technology Fee: HK$500; Application fee: HK$500, non-refundable

Kellett School - The British International School in Hong Kong

Pok Fu Lam

2 Wah Lok Path; Wah Fu; Tel: 2551 8234 E-mail:

Shau Kei Wan: 460 Shau Kei Wan Road; Tel: 3665 5300



Year groups taught: reception through to Year 9, secondary section is growing year on year up to Year 13; Number of students: 525; Accreditation: Regular commissioned Ofsted (UK Government) inspection; Association membership: Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia and East Asia (FOBISSEA); Year founded: 1976; Curriculum: A broad challenging programme based on the National Curriculum for England leading to GCSE / IGCSE and A Levels. Offers seamless transfer to and from leading British Independent and British International Schools worldwide, and independent schools in the USA and Australasia. Expanding year on year to offer through-train education. Offering Year 9 in 2010/11 Medium: English; Special programmes: Limited number of Special Educational Needs places; Number of teachers: 51; Average class size: Maximum 23 per class; Extra-curricular activities: Extensive Extra-Curricular Activities Programme which offers competitive and interschool activities.

Primary HK$102,500; Secondary: HK$133,600 with Individual debenture HK$60,000; Corporate debenture HK$300,000. Application fee: Non refundable Primary HK$2,000, Secondary HK$2500

Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary International Section/Kiangsu-Chekiang College, International Section

North Point

30 Ching Wah Street; Tel: 2570 4594 E-mail:

Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary, International Section: 20 Braemar Hill Road North Point Tel: 25701281 E-mail:


Kiangsu-Chekiang College, International Section: 20 Braemar Hill Road North Point; Tel: 25701281

Year groups taught: Kindergarten - Year 13; Number of students: Primary 570, Secondary 260; Accreditation: International Baccalaureate Diploma IGCSE - Edexcel and Cambridge, UK; Year founded: 1993 Curriculum: The International Section uses the British National Curriculum which has been modified for Asia, from Kindergarten through to Key Stage 4, when students can study a minimum of 8 IGCSE subjects. Students study the I.B. Diploma at Years 12 and 13. Mandarin is taught through the school on a daily basis. Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: Mandarin plays an important part in our school's curriculum. Number of teachers: 64; Average class size: KG/Reception - 20 - 24; Secondary: 24-26 Extra-curricular activities: 20 teacher led activities offered, including arts and crafts, various sports/teams. Pass rate in 2008: 78%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 89%

School fees: KG/R HK$51,000; P1-P6 HK$62,000; Y7-y13 HK$78,000; enrollment fee of 2 months tuition, refundable Application fee HK$500

Korean International School

Sai Wan Ho

55 Lei King Road;

Tel: 2569 5500


Year groups taught: Reception to Year 13; Number of students: 247; Accreditation: Hong Kong Education Department; Cambridge International Education; Association membership: Cambridge International Primary Programme; Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme; Cambridge Middle Secondary Programme; Cambridge Upper Secondary Programme; Year founded: 1994; Curriculum: We follow the prescribed syllabi and require all students to take the assessments of Cambridge University International Education. Years 10 and 11 students follow Cambridge IGCSE and years 12 and 13 do Cambridge A Levels. Medium: English. Special programmes: ESL programmes at all year levels - reception to year 13. Number of teachers: 40; Average class size: 15; Extra-curricular activities: Extra language classes in English and Mandarin.

HK$ 84,500 with one month deposit but there are no additional fees. Application fee: HK$1,000

Singapore International School


23 Nam Long Shan Road; Tel: 2872 0266; E-mail:

Secondary section: 30 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai; Tel: 2919 6966 E-mail:; Website:

Year groups taught: Preparatory Year 1-2; Primary 1 - 6; Secondary 1 - 4 (2010/11); Number of students: 1,085; Accreditation: A Candidate School with the International Baccalaureate Organisation; A Cambridge International Centre offering IGCSE; Year founded: 1991 Curriculum: Primary level is a Singapore-style broad-based curriculum. Lower secondary curriculum is largely based on the Singapore national curriculum. The upper secondary curriculum prepares students for the IGCSE examination. The IB Diploma Programme will be offered at the pre university level, from Academic Year 2011/12. Medium: English, Mandarin; Number of teachers: 106; Average class size: Preparatory Years Programme: 20-22; Primary/Secondary: 25; Extra-curricular activities: Our forte is in the aesthetics and performing arts, and we are developing 'niche' areas in Dance, Choir, Chinese Orchestra and Art/ICT related programmes.

Debenture (refundable): Each debenture is valid for the enrolment of one student only. Personal: HK$120,000; Corporate: HK$250,000. Capital Levy: Personal Debenture Holders HK$8,000; Corporate Debenture Holders HK$64,000 (one-time payment). Application fee: HK$2,500

Victoria Shanghai Academy

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

19 Shum Wan Road;

Tel: 3402 1102



Year groups taught: Primary Section: Year One to Year 12; Number of students: Primary Section: 868 students Secondary 556 students; Accreditation: Primary Section: International Baccalaureate World School offering Primary Years Programme (PYP) Secondary Section: International Baccalaureate World School offering Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP); Year founded: 1984, became authorised IB World School in 2005 Curriculum: Primary Section: Our curriculum follows the PYP model and students learn through an inquiry approach so learning is authentic and relevant. This transdisciplinary style ensures students make connections and begin to understand the world around them. Classes are bi-lingual; Chinese and English teachers co-teach. Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: Scholarships available for Academic Excellence, Sports, Performing Arts, Leadership, Summer Experience and Services; Number of teachers: Primary Section: 81,Secondary Section: 52; Average class size: 28; Extra-curricular activities: Primary Section: Artistic Roller Skating, Band Training Class, Better Guide to Fine Art Fundamentals, Senior Chinese Calligraphy Class, Cooking, Creative Arts Workshops, Fencing Class, Hip Hop Dance with Derek, Inline Speed Skating Class, International Maths Olympiad, Jazz Dance with Derek, Junior Chinese Calligraphy Class, Mathematics Fun Class, Rhythmic Gym, Science Adventure, Shaolin Wushu, SNAG Golf, Soccer, Speech and Drama (Performance Workshops), Street Dance with Jacqui, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo Junior, Taekwondo Senior, Tennis, Violin.

Primary Section: HK$77,400 (2010-2011); Secondary Section: MYP HK$86,400; DP HK$107,000 (2010-2011). Deposit: Primary Section HK$15,480. Application fee: HK$500 for non Victoria Educational Organisation kindergarten students


American International School

Kowloon Tong

125 Waterloo Road;

Tel: 2336 3812



Year groups taught: Early Childhood through to Grade 12 (must be three years of age to attend Early Childhood 1); Number of students: 740; Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges; Association membership: East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools, Council for Advancement and Support of Education; Year founded: 1986 Number of teachers: 50; Average class size: 18 - 22; Extra-curricular activities: AIS Varsity Sports Teams; School Production; Pass rate in 2008: 100%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 100.

Early Childhood 1: HK$52,500 per annum; Early Childhood 2 - Grade 2: HK$79,000 per annum; Grades 3 - 5: HK$83,500 per annum; Grades 6 - 8: HK$89,500 per annum; Grades 9 - 12: HK$98,000 per annum. Application fee: HK$1000

Australian International School Hong Kong


3A Norfolk Road;

Tel: 2304 6078



Year groups taught: Reception (4 years old) to Year 12; Number of students: 1,100; Accreditation: NSW Board of Studies (Australia); International Baccalaureate (DP); Association membership: ACAMIS; Year founded: 1995; Curriculum: AISHK follows the curriculum of New South Wales, from Reception-Year 12 and International Baccalaureate Diploma in Years 11-12. Secondary students can take the School Certificate, and Higher School Certificate (HSC) or the IB Diploma for university entrance. Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: ESL, Learning Enrichment Centre (for special needs students) Number of teachers: 85; Average class size: 22-26; Extra-curricular activities: A wide range of activities focus on sport, arts, academic and community service

Reception HK$64,400; Preparatory to Year Six HK$92,400; Year Seven to Year 10 HK$106,600; Year 11 and year 12 HK$112,000 with Depreciating Debenture (12.5%) of HK$100,000 or Capital Levy of HK$12,000. Application fee: HK$1,500

Christian Alliance PC Lau Memorial International School

Kowloon City

2 Fu Ning Street; Kowloon City; Tel: 2713 3733; E-mail:

Christian Alliance International School (Shek Kip Mei Campus): 15 Tong Yam Street, Tai Hang Tung; Shamshuipo; Tel: 2778-3370 (after August 1) E-mail:


Year groups taught: Kindergarten through Grade 12; Number of students: 615; Accreditation: Alberta Education, Canada; Association membership: East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) [Pending];Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) [Pending]; Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) [Pending]; Year founded: 1992 Curriculum: Utilises the curriculum of Alberta, Canada. Alberta students ranked 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the world in science, reading and math respectively (PISA). Student-centered, inquiry-based approach emphasizing integration of technology across the curriculum. AP courses in secondary school. Mandarin and French at all grade levels. Medium: English; Special programmes: Band, Fine Arts, Practical and Applied Arts, Business Education, Social Sciences, Advanced Placement Number of teachers: 57; Average class size: 18-25; Extra-curricular activities: Basketball, soccer, track, dance, karate, and more.

Kindergarten (Full-day): HK$67,900; G1-3: HK$75,500; G4-6: HK$79,400 - HK$90,800; G7-9: HK$98,700; G10-12: HK$107,800; Student Fees (for consumables): HK$1,600 (K) to HK$8,600 (G12); Tuition Deposit: 1/8th of annual tuition fees. Application fee: HK$HK 500.00

All 2010-11 fees listed are subject to final approval from Hong Kong Education Bureau

Sear Rogers International

Kowloon City

45-47 Grampian Roa; Wing Kwok house

Tel: 2547 5479

Fax 2547 0673



Year groups taught: Primary 4 - to year 13 ( age 8- 18); Year founded: 1990 Curriculum: Sear Rogers International follows the British National Curriculum with modifications to fit the local Hong Kong needs in preparing pupils for higher education opportunities abroad and locally. Starting in 2009 with Year 4 entrants, the school will have two streams of entrance, a local stream - for Hong Kong students aspiring to improve their English and partake in IGCSEs and GCEs. The local stream puts more emphasis on Putonghua Chinese to ensure pupils are learning Chinese in line with the local level, whilst at the same time providing more support for pupils in English as second language learners - and an international stream designed for pupils who are native or near native speakers of English and follows a more aggressive English program to prepare pupils for First language English and English literature examinations at IGCSE and GCE levels. Medium: English; Number of teachers: 14; Average class size: 15; Extra-curricular activities: Sports clubs as needed by current students; Pass rate in 2008: 90%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 80.

Year 1-6 HK$5,100 per month (x 11) Year 7-9 HK$6,162 per month (x 11) Yr. 10 HK$5,843 per month ( x10) Yr. 11 HK$6,258 per month (x 10) Yr. 12 HK$6,906 per month (x 10) Yr. 13 HK$6,906 per month (x 9). Application fee: Year 1 to Year 13 HK$600

Yew Chung International School

Kowloon Tong

3 Somerset Road; Kowloon Tong; Tel: 2338 7106

Primary School: 2 Kent Road; Kowloon Tong; Tel: 2338 7106

Secondary School: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong, Tel: 2338 7106



Year groups taught: Early Childhood Education: 6 months to 5 years old; Primary: Year 1 to 6; Secondary Year 7 to 13; Number of students: 2,500; Accreditation: International Baccalaureate (IB) World School Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Centre; Year founded: 1932 Curriculum: YCIS's international curriculum is based on the framework and schemes of work from The National Curriculum for England (NCE). It is a research-based curriculum that allows high standards and ease of transition for international students who move from one country to another. Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Special programmes: World Classroom, Intensive English Programme Number of teachers: 200; Extra-curricular activities: Choirs, orchestras, bands, drama clubs, Christian clubs, sporting groups, cultural activities, etc. Pass rate in 2008: 100%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 100.

School fees for 2009-10: Infant and Toddler Learning Programme: 3 days - HK$48,600/year, 4 days - HK$64,800, 5 days - HK$81,000 per year; 2's - 5's Whole Day Programme: HK$124,080/year; 2's - 5's Half Day Programme: HK$66,600/year; Y1-Y6 (Primary): HK$134,960/year; Y7-Y13: HK$112,000/year. Primary: Miscellaneous Fee HK$1,335 per term (x 3 terms); Secondary: Miscellaneous Fee HK$1,175 per term (x 3 terms), Debenture (for Secondary only) HK$200,000 (refundable and non-interest bearing). Application fee: For 2009-10 school year, Early Childhood Education Section: Nil; Primary and Seconday: HK$1,000 (non-refundable)


Discovery Bay International School

Lantau Island

Discovery Bay, Lantau Island

Tel: Kindergarten 2914 2142 Fax: 2987 7165

Primary/Secondary Tel: 2987 7331 Fax: 2987 7076



Year groups taught: Nursery to Secondary school; Number of students: decline to provide; Year founded: 1983 Curriculum: Based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Specialist teachers for PE, Music, Mandarin, ICT. Medium: English; Average class size: 20-22

Annual Fees (2009-2010) Nursery HK$56,400; Reception: HK$71,400; Primary: HK$78,600; Secondary:$105,000; Premium school development Levy HK$350,000; Standard school development Levy HK$30,000 Application fee: HK$1,000

International Christian School

Shek Mun

1 On Muk Lane;

Shek Mun

Tel: 3920 0010



Year groups taught: Pre-Grade 1 - Grade 12; Number of students: 923; Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Association of Christian Schools International; Association membership: East Asia Region Council of Overseas Schools; Year founded: 1992; Curriculum: American-style liberal arts curriculum. The academic programme includes 14 AP subjects and a strong Honours programme. Hallmarks of an ICS education are an extensive Mandarin programme, the importance placed on community service, and excellence in the Fine and Performing Arts. Medium: English; Special programmes: Special Needs, Week Without Walls; Number of teachers: 91; Average class size: 25; Extra-curricular activities: Activities cater to interests in global citizenship, music, academics, sports, and more.

P1-G5: HK$80,500; G6-8: HK$106,500; G9-12: HK$109,300. Building Maintenance Fee: HK$1,000 per annum. Debenture (refundable): HK$190,000 for the first child; HK$130,000 for the second child; HK$100,000 for the third child. Reservation Deposit: equal to two months tuition and is credited against tuition installments. Book Deposit (refundable): P1-G5 HK$1,000; G6-G12 HK$1,200. Application fee: HK$1,500



House 19, Lantau; Tel: 2984 0302;

Lower Primary: House 113, Tong Fuk; Tel: 2980 3676



Year groups taught: Reception class (4 years) to Primary 6; Number of students: 260; Accreditation: SATS (British); Year founded: 1993 Curriculum: British curriculum plus Mandarin language class Medium: English; Special programmes: Mandarin is added to the British curriculum Number of teachers: 13; Average class size: Reception class: 15 - 22; Extra-curricular activities: After-school clubs such as drama, soccer, cooking.

Reception class; HK$54,450; Primary levels: HK$ 56,000. Primary levels: Capital contribution fund (CCF) of HK$3,500 - refundable - not transferable. Application fee: HK$880

Norwegian International School

Tai Po

175 Kwong Fuk Road; Tai Po; Tel: 2638 0269; E-mail:

Kam Shan Campus (Primary): 170 Kam Sham Road, Tai Po; Tel: 2658 0341; E-mail:


Year groups taught: Playgroup, Kindergarten 1 through 3, Grade 1 through 6; Number of students: 125; Accreditation: International Primary Curriculum; Year founded: 1994 Curriculum: The main curriculum used is the International Primary Curriculum. Based on recent research into the brain and learning, this is an integrated curriculum that focuses on specific learning goals in thematic units of work. Students respond to different themes in exciting and diverse ways through a variety of subjects. Subjects include Science, Arts, Geography, History, Society, Personal Growth amongst others. Medium: English 1 Cantonese Mandarin 1 Other French activity classes Special programmes: Our English Second Language Number of teachers: 28; Average class size: 15 students per class; Extra-curricular activities: Sports, French, Art.

Based on a 10-month school year: K1 - 2 (Half day): HK$4,500/ month; K3 (Full day): HK$6,300/ month; G1 - G4 (Full day): HK$6,950/ month; G5 - G6 (Full day): HK$7,300/ month. Non-refundable Capital Levy: K1 - 2: HK$2,500/ annum; K3: HK$5,000/ annum; G1 - 6: HK$5,000/annum. Application fee: HK$600