DSS Schools

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 June, 2010, 12:00am


Diocesan Girls' School and Junior School


1 Jordan Road

Tel: 2388 1781

Websites: www.dgs.edu.hk/www.dgjs.edu.hk

Year groups taught: P1-S5; Number of students: 641; Year founded: 1860; Curriculum: Diocesan Girls' School and Diocesan Girls' Junior School are under the through-train mode. The school is now embarking on a major redevelopment programme, with a new campus scheduled to re-open in the first term of 2011. Small Collaborative Learning Groups will be organised for the 3 core subjects, English, Chinese and Mathematics. Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Special programmes: Project-based learning; remedial teaching; overseas tours Number of teachers: 38-40; Average class size: 36; Extra-curricular activities: Sports teams, music, life education programs, drama, science workshops, etc.

Primary: HK$39,000; Secondary: HK$38,000

Application fee: HK$100

Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School & Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Tseung Kwan O

Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School, 8 To Lok Road, Tseung Kwan O

Tel: 2701 8778

E-mail: principal@plklfc.edu.hk

Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School, Po Lam North Road, Po Lam Estate

Tel: 2701 0011

E-mail: principal@plklht.edu.hk

Websites: www.plklht.edu.hk, www.plklfc.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary 1 through Form 7; Number of students: 1,388; Accreditation: Outstanding Schools Award 2001- Certificate of Merit in Management and Organisation; Students Achievement. Quality Education Fund, Education Bureau; Association membership: The Hong Kong Healthy Schools Award Scheme 2003-04 Silver Award; Year founded: 1988 Curriculum: Language permeates the whole curriculum both as a vehicle for learning and as an object of study in its own right. The school aims at cultivating an interest in reading and writing, which is one of the key components for students to excel in learning. Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: gifted and talented programmes; French programme; Number of teachers: 127; Average class size: 29; Extra-curricular activities: Swimming, ball games, orchestral training and media arts are the major extra-curricular activities.

P1-6: HK$13,000; F1-3: HK$16,000; F4-7: HK$22,000. Application fee: HK$50

St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School

West Kowloon

33 Sham Mong Road, West Kowloon

Tel: 2396 6675

E-mail: enquiry@smcesps.edu.hk

Website: www.smcesps.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary 1 to Secondary 7; Number of students: 1,241; Association membership: Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council; Year founded: 1965; Curriculum: Local curriculum, with special emphasis on language proficiency and life education promoting a positive-thinking school. Most English Language lessons taught by NETs, totalling 14 NETs in 2009-2010. Outstanding dance, taught as part of PE. Inter-class English drama competition held annually. Medium: English, Chinese is taught in Putonghua. Students must also learn one more foreign language among French, Spanish or Japanese; Special programmes: Phonics & IPA, Enrichment & Enhancement Classes; Number of teachers: 88; Average class size: 25-30; Extra-curricular activities: Interest clubs/groups and Uniform Teams. One Sport & One Art for One Student programme.

Proposed school fees for the academic year 2010-2011 (with DSS subsidy): P1: HK$29,000; S.1: HK$19,600 (both subject to EDB's approval). with PTA membership fee HK$30. Application fee: HK$20

Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten

Sham Shui Po

58 Tai Po Road

Tel: 2777 3679

E-mail: enquiry@ttpskg.edu.hk

Website: www.ttpskg.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Must be 3 years of age to attend English-Speaking Stream Kindergarten 1 to 3; must be 6 years of age to attend International Junior School 1 through 6. Secondary S1-S7; Number of students: 1,517; Association membership: Hong Kong Schools Self-evaluation Network; Year founded: 1897; Curriculum: Primary's international section mixes local curriculum (60 per cent of teaching time) with more creative international practices. Students are taught Putonghua and simplified characters. Drama included. Extensive lunchtime activities enhance English skills. Extra-curricular activities include voluntary service. The secondary prepares students for HK exams, plus offers TOEFL and SAT for admission to overseas universities. Medium of instruction: English with French and Japanese compulsory. Secondary: English, with Chinese taught in Putonghua. Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: Gifted Education Programmes Number of teachers: 125; Average class size: 30.

Kindergarten section 1-3, Half-day: HK$24,000 and Full-day: HK$47,500; International Junior section - J1 to J6: HK$52,000; Secondary - S1: HK$28,000; S2-4: HK$26,500; S5: HK$25,500; S6: HK$26,500. Application fee: HK$50 per application (non-refundable)

Evangel College

Tseung Kwan O

7 Chi Shin Street

Tel: 2366 1802

E-mail: info@evangel.edu.hk

Website: www.evangel.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary one to four; Secondary one to four; Number of students: 1,300; Year founded: 2006; Curriculum: P1 to P6: Eng, Chi & PTH, Maths, PE, Music, Visual Arts (VA), Life Value Education (LVE) (GS, Christian Edu) and Creative Technology (CT). S1 to S3: Eng, Chi & PTH, Maths, IS, Music, VA, LVE (LS, China Studies, Christian Edu) and CT. S4 to S6: Chi, Eng, Math, LS, 3 other optional subjects. Medium: English; Number of teachers: 82; Average class size: Primary: 32-35; Extra-curricular activities: Acoustic Guitar, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Brass Instruments, Ceramics Art, Chinese Dance, etc.

P1-P4: HK$14,380; S1-S4: HK$17,950. Application fee: HK$100

G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College

Tseung Kwan O10 Ling Kwong Street, Tiu Keng Leng

Tel: 2535 6867

E-mail: secondary@gtcollege.edu.hk

Website: www.gtcollege.edu.hk

Year groups taught: P1-P7, Forms 1-7; Number of students: 362; Accreditation: International Baccalaureate Organisation IBO; Association membership: Gifted Education Council; Year founded: 2005; Curriculum: GT College follows and further develops the EDB curriculum guidelines and syllabuses. Generally the local school syllabuses will be covered with extensions in various subject domains. Teaching and learning will proceed at a quicker pace and students' active participation will be emphasised. Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Special programmes: Accelerated Classes, Elective Day, Talent Classes; Number of teachers: 40; Average class size: 25-30; Extra-curricular activities: Cycling, Fencing, Fitness, Gymnastics, Tennis, Soccer; G.T. College was founded by the Gifted Education Council, a non-profit organisation with a focus on gifted.

Form 1: HK$32,780; Form 2-3: HK$34,980; Form 4-5: HK$37,180 with PTA Membership. Fee: HK$150/year, Class Association Fee: HK$120/year

Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School

Sha Tin

6 On Muk Lane; Shek Mun

Tel: 2637 2270; 2637 2277

E-mail: a-school@hkbuas.edu.hk

Website: www.hkbuas.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Grade 1 to 12; Number of students: 1,347; Accreditation: World Education Alliance; Year founded: 2006 Curriculum: Both the curriculum framework of the EDB and exceptional curriculum models of other countries are considered. The curriculum aims to nurture the generic skills and develop the skills of learning to learn, which in turn can help students to reach the goal of lifelong learning. We offer a balanced and diverse Senior Secondary Curriculum that will meet the different needs of our students, and help them build knowledge, values and skills for further studies and personal growth. Reference is made to the Curriculum and Assessment Guides jointly developed by the Curriculum Development Council and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority; Medium: English, Mandarin; Number of teachers: 108; Average class size: 12-35; Extra-curricular activities: News Reporting, Readers' Theatre, 6-Traits Writing Skills, Idiom Theatre, Little News Anchors, Drama, Classical Literature, Computer Art DIY, Astronomy, Roboicst, Orff Schulwerk Percussion Ensemble, Chinese Drum, Craft in Kinetic Art, Athletics, Chinese Dance, Fencing, Baseball; Pass rate in 2008: First graduating class in 2012.HK$35,000 with Annual Fee: HK$1,000; PTA Membership Annual Fee: HK$100. Application fee: HK$100


Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School

To Kwa Wan

24 Sheung Heung Road

Tel: 2712 1270

E-mail: E-mail@plklmceps.edu.hk

Farm Road Campus; 2 Farm Road To

Tel: 2711 1036

E-mail: E-mail@plklmceps.edu.hk

Website: www.plklmceps.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary 1-4; Number of students: 215; Association membership: Po Leung Kuk; Year founded: 2007; Curriculum: School-based curriculum (English as the major teaching language in all subjects, Chinese subject is taught in Putonghua, demonstrate the inquiry-based learning through project learning); Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: Curriculum Tailoring and Adaption: Students are divided into Chinese and Non-Chinese stream for Chinese in order to cater for individual needs. Parents' Day, seminars and workshops are held regularly to keep parents informed of the progress of their children and to promote Home-School co-operation and mutual understanding. Parents-voluntary team involved parents in the life of the school; Extra-curricular activities: Grasshoppers, Athletics School Team, Percussion Band, Choir, Taekwondo, Swimming, Indian Dance, Golf, Cricket.

HK$11,400 with Parent-Teacher Association Fee (Annual) : HK$100 (non-refundable). Application fee: HK$50

St Paul's College Primary School

Hong Kong

70 Hill Road

Tel: 2546 8887

Website: www.spc-ps.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary 1-Primary 6; Number of students: 554; Association membership: St Paul's College; Year founded: 1851; Curriculum: Academic subjects include English, Chinese, mathematics and general studies, art appreciation and experience subjects include music and visual art, while life-skills subjects include physical education, computer studies and library. Moral education is taught through Religious Education, Growth Lessons, supplemented by a 5-phase programme throughout the course of six years. The programme covers training of self-discipline, awareness of social responsibilities, love for our country and preparation for the development into a global citizen; Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Average class size: 30-32.

P1- P6: HK$30,000 with Life-wide Learning Activity Fee not exceeding HK$200. Application fee: HK$50

Po Leung Kuk Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School

Yau Ma Tei

6 Hoi Ting Road

Tel: 2367 3318

E-mail: pcs-mail@hkedcity.net

Website: www.plkctslps.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary 1-Primary 6; Number of students: 1,050; Association membership: Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council; Year founded: 1999; Curriculum: Our School offers education with a holistic perspective through diversified academic programmes and extra-curricular activities offered in a multicultural environment. The school provides a resourceful and rich language-learning environment for our students. Medium: English, Mandarin; Special programmes: We offer a third language: French, Japanese and Chinese; Number of teachers: 67; Average class size: 30-35; Extra-curricular activities: Wide range of ECA and interest classes including languages, sports, science and practical courses.

HK$14,800. Application fee: HK$50


St Paul's College

Hong Kong Island

69 Bonham Road

Tel: 2549-2241

St Paul's College Primary School; 70 Hill Road

Tel: 2546 8887

Website: www.spc.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Primary One to Primary Six; Secondary One to Secondary Six; Number of students: 1,620; Association membership: The International Boys' Schools Coalition; Year founded: 1851; Curriculum: The Primary follows the local curriculum, with greater flexibility to cater for individual students. The Secondary follows a broad curriculum leading to HKCEE, HKALE and also HKDSE, with the option of IGCSE; Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Number of teachers: 120; Average class size: 30; Extra-curricular activities: Service, Physical Action, Creativity, Global Classroom programme and student exchange programmes; Pass rate in 2008: 100%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 93; High-achieving popular boys' school run by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. Seeks to develop all-round abilities, independent thinking and Christian values. Students pursue a range of activities outside and inside school.

P1-P6: HK$30,000; S1-S5: HK$38,000; S6-S7: HK$42,000. Application fee - Primary: HK$50; Secondary: HK$30

St Stephen's College


22 Tung Tau Wan Road

Tel: 2813 5520

E-mail: sschk@ssc.edu.hk

Website: www.ssc.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Secondary 1-7; Number of students: 1,082; Year founded: 1903; Curriculum: Mastery of English, Chinese, Mathematics and key competencies. e.g. critical thinking, research and collaborative skills. The S1-3 programme covers all 8 Key Learning Areas, plus leadership training, an independent creativity project and service learning. The S4-6 follows NSS leading to the HKDSE; Medium: English; Special programmes: Boarding, Creativity, Exchange, Service Learning & Mentoring; Number of teachers: 71; Average class size: 30; Extra-curricular activities: Over 40, including sporting, cultural, arts, music, language and service activities; Pass rate in 2008: 97 per cent; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 93.

Hong Kong Permanent Residents: HK$50,000 a year; International Students: HK$86,304 with HK$5000 deposit (deductible from the school fee for September 2010). Application fee: HK$50

Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

Mei Foo

80-86 Broadway St; Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon

Tel: 2742 2028

E-mail: enquiry@deliabw.edu.hk

Website: www.deliabw.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Forms 1 to 7; Number of students: 870; Accreditation: Education Bureau; Association membership: The Delia Group of Schools; Year founded: 1972 Curriculum: Curriculum leads to the HKCEE, HKALE, or HKDSE but is tailored to the needs of non-Chinese speakers like classes in Chinese as a Second Language (CSL), GCSE Chinese, and French. School-based materials for CSL, Liberal Studies, and Pre-Learning Mathematics. Emphasis on Extra-curricular activities, community service, and local/overseas field trips; Medium: English; Special programmes: School has developed its own Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) programme for non-Chinese-speaking students. Tutorial classes in Mathematics, CSL and French are offered to students at either the Foundation or Distinction level; Number of teachers: 120; Average class size: 30; Extra-curricular activities: Service, Physical Action, Creativity, Global Classroom programme and student exchange programmes; Pass rate in 2008: 100 per cent; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 93.

S1-S3: free; S4-S7: HK$3,000

Good Hope School


303 Clear Water Bay Road; Kowloon

Tel: 2321 0250

E-mail: goodhope@ghs.edu.hk

Website: www.ghs.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Forms 1-7; Number of students: 1,282; Association membership: Association of English Medium Secondary Schools; Year founded: 1957 Curriculum: As a DSS school, Good Hope has some degree of flexibility for a school-based curriculum according to the learning needs of students. The NSS Curriculum is implemented in September 2009. Our school has provided a wide range of subject choices for our students. Each student will need to take five core subjects, namely Ethics and Religious Studies (ERS), Chinese, English, Mathematics, Liberal Studies. Besides, students could take two to three electives from a choice of 15. Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Special programmes: Mathematics Course for the Gifted, Intensive English Summer Programme and other subject-based tutorials Number of teachers: 106; Average class size: 30-40; Extra-curricular activities: Good Hope School offers 53 clubs and teams for students to join. These include sports (e.g. athletics & cross-country, archery, canoeing), music (e.g. choir, band and orchestra), academic (e.g. Liberal Studies Club, Business & Accounting Society), religious (e.g. Bible Sharing Club, Catechism Class) and cultural (e.g. Bridge Club, Lion Dance) clubs and teams, as well as uniform groups (e.g. St. John Ambulance Cadet, Road Safety Patrol); Pass rate in 2008: 100%; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 80.2.

F.1-3: HKHK$35,000, F.4-5: HKHK$ 45,000, F.6-7: HKHK$ 50,000, Junior Secondary 1-3: HKHK$35,000, Senior Secondary 1-3: HKHK$ 45,000 with . Application fee: HKHK$800 for Form 1 admission

HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Mong Kok West

8 Hoi Wang Road

Tel: 2626 9100

E-mail: college@hkmadavidli.edu.hk

Website: www.hkmadavidli.edu.hk

Year groups taught: S1-S7; Number of students: 780; Accreditation: HKMA; Year founded: 2000 Curriculum: Leads to HKCEE and HKALE or HKDSE. All subjects are taught in English, except Chinese Language for junior forms, which is taught in Putonghua. Curriculum sets developed in junior classes for Chinese, English and Maths. Medium: English; Special programmes: Overseas exchange and community services programmes; Number of teachers: 59; Average class size: 32 (varies by form and group); Extra-curricular activities: More than 40 ECAs in music, sports, uniform groups, recreational and academic; Pass rate in 2008: 93 per cent; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 74; Facilities include English centre, lecture theatres and computer-assisted learning rooms.

(Subject to EDB approval) S1: HK$22,500; S2-S3: HK$21,400; NSS1-2: HK$18,725; S6-S7: HK$21,400 with PTA membership fee of HK$100. Application fee: HK$40

Heung To Middle School (Tin Shui Wai)

Yuen Long

8 Tin Fai Road; Tin Shui Wai

Tel: 2650 0016

E-mail: mail@heungto.net

Website: www.heungto.net

Year groups taught: S1-S7; Number of students: 900; Year founded: 2001 Curriculum: The school offers both Anglo-Chinese and English streams in the junior forms. Senior students may select from a variety of elective subjects. Both Chinese and English streams are offered for some of the senior form subjects. The school curriculum is based on the local curriculum, which leads to the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (until 2012) and the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (starting from 2012). Activities such as Life-wide Learning Day, Project-based Learning, overseas study visits and exchange programmes, etc, are organised to nurture students' comprehensive abilities and learning-to-learn. Self-directed learning are encouraged through diversified learning resources such as library, book exhibitions, Web-based learning platforms, etc; Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Special programmes: Remedial lessons are arranged for low-achievers; Number of teachers: 66; Average class size: 30-35.

S1-3: HK$1,500 per annum; S4-S5: HK$4,200 per annum; S6-S7: HK$6,650 per annum. Application fee: HK$20

Law Ting Pong Secondary School

Tai Po

8 Ma Chung Road

Tel: 2685 1210

Fax: 2685 1212

E-mail: ltpss@ltpss.edu.hk

Website: www.ltpss.edu.hk

Year groups taught: F1-F7; F1-F6 for NSS curriculum; Number of students: 180; Year founded: 1991 Curriculum: Differentiated instructions are designed to accommodate different learning styles and to maximise the achievement of all students. We adopt a school-based curriculum in junior-form English Language and Liberal Studies. With the support from the Quality Education Fund, our English department and Mathematics department have developed the 'Aligning Curriculum and Assessment across the KLAs' and the 'Learning Outcomes Framework'. Our junior form Liberal Studies curriculum adopts the issue-based and project-based learning approaches to cultivate students' self-inquiry ability. Curriculum Mapping is applied for planning the NSS Liberal Studies curriculum as well. Medium: English; Pass rate in 2008: AS-Level Chinese Language and Culture - 98.4 pre cent, AS-Level Use of English - 100 per cent; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 83.6%

Junior secondary: HK$10,000; senior secondary: HK$13,000. Application Fee: HK$50

Li Po Chun United World College

Ma On Shan

10 Lok Wo Sha Lane; Ma On Shan, Sha Tin

Tel: 2640 0421

E-mail: office@lpcuwc.edu.hk

Website: www.lpcuwc.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Form 6 and Form 7; Number of students: 256; Accreditation: United World Colleges, International Baccalaureate Organisation; Association membership: United World Colleges; Year founded: 1992; Curriculum: All students study the International Baccalaureate programme in a fully residential setting that provides a transitional environment from school to university. There is an extensive co-curricular programme that involves community and environmental service, creative pursuits and active personal challenge. The College has students from about 80 countries. Medium: English; Special programmes: Quan Cai programme of creativity, action and service, annual China Week and Project Week, Global Issues Forum, Goodwill Initiative to North Korea, Maths and Language Buddy systems; Number of teachers: 28; Average class size: 9; Extra-curricular activities: 99 different co-curricular programmes; Pass rate in 2008: 100 per cent; Percentage of 2008 leavers attending university: 98.

All-inclusive fee of HK$200,000 covers tuition and full boarding, with Fees for China Week and Project Week - about HK$6,000. Application fee: HK$280

Stewards Pooi Kei College

Sha Tin

56 Siu Lek Yuen Road

Tel: 2345 4567

E-mail: info@spkc.edu.hk

Website: www.spkc.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Forms 1 through 7; Number of students: 961; Association membership: Stewards Limited; Year founded: 2004; Number of teachers: 69; Average class size: 34; Extra-curricular activities: Types Clubs

Academic Visual Arts Club, Olympics Mathematics Club, Integrated Science Club, Liberal Studies Club, World Awareness Club, English Club, English Debate Team, Chinese Club, German Club, French Club, Putonghua Club

Sports Basketball Team, Soccer Team, Volleyball Team, Badminton Team, Table Tennis Team, Swimming Team, Athletics Team, Fencing Club,

Music Junior Marching Band, Senior Marching Band, Orchestra, Hand Chime Ensemble, Cello Class, Chinese Music Ensemble, School Choir, Instrumental Classes.

S1: HK$17,000; S2: HK$16,000; S3: HK$16,000; S4: HK$15,000; S5: HK$13,000; S6: HK$13,000; S7: HK$13,000 (to be confirmed by EDB). Application fee: HK$30

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School

Tai Po

2, Tai Po Tau Drive

Tel: 2665 3459

E-mail: enquiry@tpsy.edu.hk

Website: www.tpsy.edu.hk

Year groups taught: Forms 1 through 7; Number of students: 960; Year founded: 1956; Curriculum: Promotes 'Bi-literacy and Trilingualism'. Our English Department has eight Native-English-Speaking teachers who build an authentic language environment for the students. Secondary 1 and 2 students must join Chinese/English/Mathematics enrichment classes, free of charge. Every year, we conduct several overseas study tours that include scholarships. In addition, we hire missionaries from overseas every year to conduct English camp/programmes. Project Studies are used to promote an integrated learning experience; Medium: English, Cantonese, Mandarin; Special programmes: Certificate Course by an American College; Number of teachers: 63; Average class size: 35.

HK$350 per month for 10 instalments a school year. Application fee: HK$20