PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 June, 2010, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1 Who were robbed while in South Africa to watch the World Cup?

a. a group of Hong Kong journalists

b. a group of mainland reporters

c. members of the Hong Kong Journalists Association

d. officials from the Foreign Ministry

2 According to Mak Yin-ting, what crimes are reportedly common in South Africa?

i) fraud

ii) armed robbery

iii) gang fights

iv) assault

a. i) and ii)

b. ii) and iii)

c. i) and iii)

d. ii) and iv)

3 Which of the following is not among the advice given by the Hong Kong Journalists Association?

a. keep expensive equipment and valuable belongings out of sight

b. seek help from the South African police

c. use credit cards, not cash, whenever possible

d. go out in groups

4 According to a survey, what percentage of punters have been betting on soccer since it became legal in 2003?

a. 75 per cent

b. 30 per cent

c. 50 per cent

d. 25 per cent

Think about

1 Journalists covering the World Cup are at risk of becoming victims of crime. What makes taking the risk worthwhile?

2 How should reporters balance their duty to cover news with the need to remain safe?

3 How do the safety concerns affect the reputation of the host country? What can authorities do to address them?

4 What are the dangers of compulsive gambling?

Use the vocabulary

1 Tourists can ______________________ to fraud if they are not careful.

2 Dorothy has been ____________________ the police on the whereabouts of her uncle.

3 Four masked men robbed the bank ____________________.

4 Residents are worried about the ____________________ as police fail to suppress the riots.


June 10

Reading comprehension: 1. d, 2. b, 3. a, 4. e, 5. v

Use the vocabulary: 1. permanent, 2. potentially fatal, 3. adhering to