Has Whyte got anything left in his bag of tricks?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 June, 2010, 12:00am

The numbers don't look good but did the jockeys' championship end on Sunday?

It would be hard to think otherwise, though, if Douglas Whyte was nine in front with 58 races to run, our experience is that he would not be ready to call it over.

Not until it was mathematically impossible.

And with Whyte in the unusual position of chasing rather than chased, he won't be calling it over either, but his heart must have sunk on Sunday to see Prebble not only put the title almost out of reach but do so by the only thing which has eluded Whyte here - the six-win day.

In other jurisdictions, six wins is not a frequent occurrence but it does happen. In Ascot week, let's remember that Frankie Dettori did all seven on one day there. And the world record is eight on the one card, held by four different North American jockeys.

But many of those races were not the kinds of competitive handicap races that Hong Kong largely hosts, so the achievement of both Prebble and trainer Caspar Fownes was remarkable.

And as a way to say 'the crown is mine', Prebble's day at the Valley was a spectacular statement and takes him to the brink of 100 wins for the first time - another of the records Whyte has had all to himself.

With mostly Sha Tin races left and with the firepower of John Size behind him, Whyte is probably still capable of doing something pretty good and the remarkable does occur - we saw that on Sunday.

He just needs it to occur multiple times and Size will need to have some weapons of mass destruction hidden under Sha Tin to make that happen.