It pays to be beautiful

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 June, 2010, 12:00am

A friend, who wants to become a professional image consultant, believes that the mainland is a potentially huge new market. Bernice told Baat Gwaa that image consulting took off in the West more than 20 years ago, but people in this part of the world have still not taken full advantage of it.

She says more and more people in Hong Kong and the mainland have come to realise that there is a beauty premium to be had in the workplace.

According to British researchers, attractive men earn 15 per cent more than their less attractive counterparts, and the same applies to good-looking women. And size matters, too. Tall people, especially in sales and marketing, earn at least 25 per cent more than their shorter co-workers.

Baat Gwaa can see the ugly truth in that beautiful and more presentable people are not just pleasing on the eye, but they can become more successful than those with average looks.

An image consultant coaches people on business and social etiquette, ambassadorship skills, and how to use colours and clothes to enhance their individual style to achieve personal and professional goals. 'Building personal branding is a vital long-term career investment,' she adds.