Can summer courses help develop students' interest in learning?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 June, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 June, 2010, 12:00am

Vincy Sun, 18, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Apart from reminding us that we are students, a lot of the summer courses are a big burden on us. I believe the incentive to learn comes from our curiosity, not from the tasks we are forced to complete during a summer programme.

Some people may say summer courses provide students a suitable workload every day. But then they don't have a chance to do the things they really like during the holidays. This won't enhance their interest in learning. Instead, they will be unhappy and complain about the workload, especially if it is similar to the tasks they have to complete in school.

I, too, participated in a few summer courses. The work was almost the same and really boring, like fill in the blanks and multiple-choice questions. Everyone wanted to avoid them. Learning should not be confined to written materials.

Seminars and field trips are a better way to stimulate our motivation to learn.

Learning is not only about completing exercises and handing them over to the supervisor.

Students should not be afraid to take the initiative and explore the outside world.

I don't think summer courses are the answer because learning should be fun.

Ronald Ling Pak-ki, 20, University of Hong Kong

Many students think summer courses are not beneficial. I disagree. Through such programmes, I believe they can nurture their interest in learning and keep in touch with what's happening around them. This will help them to stay focused when they return to school in September. In addition, the young participants will be able to develop their potential in other areas.

A lot of students want to relax and basically do nothing during the summer vacation. I think the long holiday offers a precious opportunity for them to review their past performance and prepare to face the challenges of the new academic year.

Summer courses can enhance students' motivation. Participants receive certificates which may help them when looking for part-time jobs. Also, these awards can be useful during job hunting after they leave school.

Summer programmes can inspire students to achieve their goals. The activities may include interesting projects which allow the students to use their initiative and creativity. The work may encourage students to explore new aspects of life and boost their knowledge. They will be able to keep up to date with the news and understand important issues.

Students will be able to learn new things in their free time without too much responsibility.