Parr conquers gruelling 7-day race in the Gobi

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 04 July, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 04 July, 2010, 12:00am

Former Hong Kong Football Club flying rugby winger Dan Parr proved his stamina by winning the gruelling RacingThePlanet Gobi March endurance running race yesterday.

Parr finished first in a field of more than 150 competitors from 30 countries taking part in the 250-kilometre race stretching over seven days in China's Gobi Desert. A relieved Parr's first thoughts after the race were of his young family. 'When I get home, I will see my wife, take my boy for a swim and maybe put my little girl to bed,' he said.

'The experience was fabulous. Everything I hoped it would be. It was a great race, tough terrain, great people. It's not about who finished one or two, but the people who finished when they were sick and the 61-year-old woman from Japan who stuck it out and finished the race.

'Everyone is here for different reasons, whether to race or to finish. The camaraderie at the end was great ... everybody applauding for the last person to come across the finish.'

The RacingThePlanet series comprises races in four deserts - the Gobi, the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Sahara in Egypt and Antarctica.

Parr said he had no immediate plans to tackle the rest.