PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 July, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 July, 2010, 12:00am

Fight bullying in schools

Bullying has become more rampant in schools. It should not be tolerated. My friend was bullied by his classmate because he didn't want to do his homework for him. I was shocked to hear his story.

I understand homework can be a challenge, but it's an indicator of students' potential. Teachers use homework to gauge what students have learned.

Students who do not want to do their homework rob themselves of the chance to test their knowledge.

Violence does not solve problems. I think teachers play an important role in identifying bullies. It is everyone's responsibility to keep the learning environment free from bullying.

Li Sing-lun, Tak Sun Secondary School

Don't hesitate to speak in public

Public speaking is one of the world's number one fears. I used to shy away from making speeches and presentations. But I have gained more confidence thanks to my school's weekly Speaking Period.

I think the best way to learn to speak in public with confidence is by talking to an audience. We should not be afraid of making mistakes. The education system in Hong Kong teaches public speaking skills through various activities. Such activities are very important in modern society.

As long as we are not afraid of speaking in public, we will get better with practice. We cannot learn without making mistakes. We should think of mistakes as something positive and useful.

Speak as much as possible and make as many mistakes as possible. When we know we have made a mistake, we have made progress.

Chan Chau-kuen, Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

Beware when chatting online

Computers have become a daily necessity in life. People surfing the Net every day. Most teenagers communicate with others through social networking websites.

There are different types of websites, like forums, video broadcasts and so on.

Netizens can share their ideas and have a hearty chat . People with same interests can make friends easily. These networks are convenient and useful.

But there are problems with socialising in cyberspace, too. First, teenagers spend too much time on it. They become addicted. Their eyesight suffers as a result.

Second, teenagers are living in a virtual world, an online community. They may be afraid of talking to people face to face in the real world. They may not even know how to express themselves without the keyboard.

Third, it is dangerous to meet strangers on the internet. We can not be sure who they really are and can fall victim to their traps.

The internet can be good or bad. We should be careful and use our common sense when communicating online. Then we can enjoy happy chatting.

Katrina Tong, Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College

Boys vs girls on the mainland

The central government implemented the 'one-child policy' to control population growth on the mainland. I agree with the policy.

However, most families prefer to have a boy rather than a girl. A boy can continue the family lineage and take over the family business or help in the fields. Many parents abandon their daughters because they want a son.

Moreover, as there are fewer children to take care of their elderly parents, the government has to spend more on elderly services.

I think the government should promote equality between the sexes. And maybe it could allow families to have two children, instead of just one.

Polly Cheung

Take responsibility

Youngsters often complain about the amount of homework they are given. They blame their teachers and their parents. But they never blame themselves.

When I was younger, I used to complain a lot. But as I grew older, I began to realise that study is my responsibility. We need to make an effort to succeed. Next time when you get low grades, ask yourself if you had studied hard before blaming others.

Wong Ka-wan