Tenants proof of the kind of 'science' done at Science Park

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 July, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 July, 2010, 12:00am

We welcome the following companies who have joined the Science Park community...

Science Park advertisement, July 20

The people at Science Park tend to get upset when I say there is little science done there and most of the tenants are private sales and management offices that we subsidise through the public purse.

You have us all wrong, I'm told.

Right then, here we have a test of the matter in 18 new tenants over the last six months:

Micrel Semiconductor HK Ltd - A Taiwanese producer of integrated circuits with headquarters and production facilities in California. A September press release says the company has appointed a new managing director with responsibility for revenue and sales in the Asia-Pacific, John Lee, a native of Hong Kong. I call this a sales office. Prove me wrong.

Sensixa (H.K.) Ltd - A graduate of a technology incubator at Imperial College, London, this company has just developed a fancy heart monitor and is starting up a sales effort. Does Imperial College ask Science Park for help in developing technology? I call this a sales office.

Syabas Technology Hong Kong Ltd - A possible one. Syabas is a California-based maker of media players and says it has design offices in Penang, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I don't know what Syabas means by design but I cannot disprove an element of technology here.

Telefield Ltd - From the company website: '... in addition to our headquarters in Hong Kong, we have our R&D centre in Shenzhen, China to provide support for EMS. Our manufacturing arms are in Guangzhou and Huizhou, China.' Is management a science?

UniHz International Ltd - A Shenzhen-based manufacturer of electronic equipment for traffic cops. The most up-to-date website says it is headquartered in Hong Kong. Earlier ones all say Shenzhen. We shall call this a sales and management office.

Well Electronics (International) Ltd - A low-end Taiwanese manufacturer of electric this, that and anything else with additional production facilities in Vietnam. My guess is that this is a sourcing office looking at China. But prove me wrong, fellas. Show me that there is some real science in this metal basher.

Ewell Hong Kong Ltd - I shall let them have this one, a Hong Kong-based start-up that uses Motorola equipment to provide a small private hospital in Sha Tin with real-time clinical information on patients.

It's legit but it's tiny, tiny, tiny.

Kalloc Studios Asia - A boiler-room animation coding shop for a California-based computer games company. I rate this as an application of existing technology, nothing new. If this is science then call me a scientist. I use a computer, too.

Xgate Corporation - From the website: '... provides enterprise class SMS gateway and bulk SMS messaging services with direct connections into mobile operator networks in Greater China and Asia.' Why not offer subsidised rent to every telecommunications service provider in town if this one can have it?

YiYi Hong Kong Ltd - Another telecommunications service provider. This one should have been based in Lan Kwai Fong.

Ample Link International Holdings Ltd - Press the button marked 'What We Do' on this company's website and you get the message: 'Forbidden You don't have permission to access /whatwedo/ on this server.' I suppose I have to give this one a 'possible' rating.

Leach International Asia Pacific Ltd - An American maker of switching equipment with manufacturing facilities in United States, France, Mexico and China and an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong. I call this a sales management office.

Asia Pioneer International Ltd - This company will store and culture your stem cells for you. I see no technology development here but this is true believer territory and I don't need the grief.

Hong Kong Cord Blood Corporation Ltd - Real true believer territory. I'm outta here.

Fudan Health International (HK) Ltd - Genetic research mostly. It's a mainland-based company but we'll call it legit. They seem to run some verifiable laboratories at Science Park.

PuraPharm International (H.K.) Ltd - A mainland manufacturer of Chinese medicine. It claims some research and development in Hong Kong but can tell us little about this. I shall give it a 'possible' rating but I say it's mostly a sales office.

Trony Solar Holding (Hong Kong) Ltd - A Shenzhen photovoltaics maker that suddenly developed a head office in Hong Kong and started scratching its head to come up with research projects that would justify a Science Park tenancy. You've been spotted, fellas.

Ma Tang & Co - A law office. Really.

Well, there you go, two legitimate technology tenancies and three possible ones, perhaps five. The rest should have been told to find themselves a normal commercial landlord.

I say again that there is little science done at Science Park and most of the tenants are private sales and management offices that we subsidise through the public purse.